EXPOSED: Several Wild and Wacky Social Media Posts from Woke NPR CEO Emerge Online as Network Fallout Over Ouster of Senior Editor Continues

Credit: @krmaher

One of the oldest truisms is that what is posted on the Internet never disappears. Far-left National Public Radio’s (NPR) new CEO probably wishes she had been aware of this before now.

The Gateway Pundit reported earlier today that far-left National Public Radio (NPR) suspended its senior business editor, Uri Berliner, for pointing out the network’s partisan reporting, particularly regarding its coverage of the Hunter Biden laptop story. Now, several wild and wacky social media posts have emerged online exposing NPR CEO Katherine Maher.

Maher was named as NPR’s new CEO in January 2024, succeeding John Lansing. Prior to her role at NPR, Mayer served as the CEO of Web Summit and chair of the board of directors at the Signal Foundation.

She is also a member of the Council on Foreign Relations.

Multiple social media users, including conservative activist Chris Rufo, the Bulwark’s Marc Caputo, and former Ted Cruz aide Steve Guest, have uncovered Maher’s years-old tweets from the past two days. Some of her most shocking posts include her claiming that former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld may be an alien lizard who eats Mexican babies, bragging about wearing a Biden grandpa hat and fantasizing about going on a crazy road trip with Kamala Harris.

She also posted tweets such as “We are not in fact baby factories for proclivities” and that “creeping sharia” would support a socialist agenda. Unsurprisingly, she also had several posts cheering on the BLM riots, with one referencing cheesecake. She even has a few posts whimpering about “whiteness.”


Credit: @MarcACaputo and @krmaher
@steveguest and @krmaher
Credit: @realchrisrufo and @krmaher

As a reminder, your tax dollars are funding her woke agenda and NPR’s garbage “journalism. “

There is almost certainly plenty of material from other left-wing media executives out there waiting to be uncovered.

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