Female Trucker Joins Boycott of Deliveries to New York City Following Judge Engoron’s Egregious Ruling Against Trump (VIDEO)

Screenshot: News Nation

The fallout from Judge Engoron’s recent ruling against former President Donald Trump continues to ripple.

Following the controversial $350 million judgment against President Trump and his sons, Don Jr. and Eric, American truckers are threatening to halt deliveries into New York City.

The Gateway Pundit previously reported that an American trucker who goes by “Chicago Ray” had this to say in a video he shared on social media, where he explained why truckers across America are planning to stop delivering to NYC.

“I’ve been on the radio talking to drivers for the last hour and fifteen minutes, and I’ve talked to at least ten drivers going the other way. I’m heading down from South Wisconsin. And they’re [other truckers] gonna start refusing loads to New York City, starting on Monday for NYC. I talked to about three guys that I work with who texted the boss and told him they’re not going to New York City.”

“I don’t know how far across the country this is or how many truckers are gonna start denying loads to go to New York City, but I’ll tell you what—you f**k around and find out!”

“Okay? We’re tired of you motherf**kin’ leftists f**king around with Donald Trump,” he said.

TikTok user SurvivalJunkie2, known for sharing insights on trucking and survival tactics, has indicated a growing movement among truckers and their companies to avoid New York as a destination for their loads.

“I just received a call from a company that I was getting a load from, and they just said they don’t have any loads going to New York. So if you’re in New York, you won’t be receiving anything from these drivers.”

He suggests that the decision is not limited to individual truckers but is a strategic move by the companies themselves.

“I don’t know if it’s real, but I know that the companies are now saying that they’re not delivering loads, not just the truckers, it’s the companies,” the driver added.

“Also, get yourself prepared. New York shit may hit the fan in the next couple of days,” he warned.

Adding to the momentum, Jennifer Hernandez, a female trucker, spoke with NewsNation National Correspondent Dray Clark on the show “Morning in America,” expressing support for the boycott.

“It could shut New York City down. And I don’t want to hurt the people of New York. That’s not what I’m trying to do,” Hernandez said.

“But my part in it. If New York just loses 10%, just 10% of the trucks that go in there, their prices are going to skyrocket on everything from milk to eggs to any type of goods the consumer needs. And when that happens, it’s going to cost everybody more money.”


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