Flashback: Spectacular Speech by South Carolina Rep. Adam Morgan Resurfaces

South Carolina State Rep. Adam Morgan

South Carolina State Rep. Adam Morgan is running in the Republican primary for the 4th Congressional District primary against U.S. Rep. William Timmons.

Morgan was elected to the SC House of Representatives in 2018 as one of the youngest members of the Legislature.

In 2021, he and fellow conservative SC House Representatives founded the SC Freedom Caucus, where he serves as Chair, which actively fights for conservative values in legislation.

While his primary has not garnered much attention, Morgan recently went viral for his interaction with House Minority Leader Todd Rutherford (D-Columbia) during a March 2023 debate over the State Legislature’s approval of a  $1.3 billion economic development package.

Matt Gaetz recently reshared the video, putting it back on the national radar, saying, “Inject this into my veins.”

Rutherford: Your suggestion is we should listen to the people back home, in your district, rather than the people at Commerce that have been successful at bringing these mega-deals to South Carolina.

Morgan: Mr. Rutherford, I don’t think that you could have espoused a philosophy that disagrees more fundamentally than me.

I completely disagree with you, and I think that you believe what you just said.

But no, I 100% am going to listen to the people back home who I represent in this House. And you should listen to the 40,000 people in your area and not the bureaucrats at commerce and not the lobbyists and not the multibillion dollar international corporations.

You should listen to your constituents like I am.

So yes, I will always fall back on the common sense of the wonderful people from Taylor’s and Greenville East Side far more than I will ever listen to unelected bureaucrats, other representatives in here who have been here for far too long and have managed a whole lot of these deals and far more than I will ever listen to any member out there.


The video has now been seen by millions.

The Post and Courrier spoke with Morgan following his massively viral moment.

Morgan said he still isn’t completely sure how it all happened. “It was really a godsend,” he said in an interview while door-knocking in the district over the weekend.

You can learn more about Morgan here.

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