Florida Man Arrested for Theft While Dressed Like a Woman to Avoid Police

In a plot that sounds straight out of a 1980s movie, a Florida man has been arrested for theft while dressed as a woman to avoid being noticed by police.

Joshua Kolotka, 33, was arrested by police in Glades County on Wednesday for allegedly trying to steal a boat.

Gulf Live reports, “Glades County Sheriff’s Office deputies were actively searching for a man they suspected of stealing a boat in the old Calusa Lodge area of Lakeport, Florida when they noticed someone exiting a nearby home.”

Though Kolotka wore a long blonde wig and a blue dress, deputies immediately recognized him.

In a post on Facebook, the Glades County Sheriff’s Office wrote, “The deputies were able to apprehend Joshua Kolotka and he was arrested for two Okeechobee County warrants, along with the theft of a John Deere Gator and the stolen boat.”

“It should also be noted that numerous other items were located on-scene,” the post continued. “These items were possibly stolen from the same area.”

The Glades County Sheriff’s Office is now working with the Seminole Police Department to identify some of the stolen items from other theft cases in that area.

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