Florida Man Dies While Waiting for Trial in January 6 Case

John Anderson was filming at the US Capitol on Jan. 6.

There are numerous video clips of John Anderson at the US Capitol on January 6.   He was part of the crowd that entered the Capitol through a tunnel. He is seen holding a police shield at the front of the line and refuses to let go of it when ordered.  The shields were then passed to the back of the crowd.

It should be noted that the police in the tunnel were involved in horrific abuse against Trump supporters that day.

Anderson was sprayed by police and falls to the ground, saying he can’t breathe because of asthma. Police escort him out of the building and call for an ambulance.

Anderson died in September 2021 while waiting for trial.

Via WUSA9:

A St. Augustine man charged with assaulting police in the Capitol tunnel on January 6 has died while awaiting trial, his attorney said in court Friday morning.

John Steven Anderson, 61, died Tuesday at Baptist Hospital South in Jacksonville, Florida, according to an obituary published by the St. John’s Family Funeral Home. Anderson’s attorney, Marina Medvin, confirmed his death to WUSA9, saying in an email Anderson was a “good-hearted man.”

John’s wife shares, “John was a staunch conservative and he gave time and money to numerous conservative outlets and causes……John was relentlessly pursued by the government. It cost us nearly everything we had to defend him.”

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