FLOSS Weekly Episode 781: Resistant To The Wrath Of God

This week Jonathan Bennett and Doc Searls sit down with Mathias Buus Madsen and Paolo Ardoino of Holepunch, to talk about the Pear Runtime and the Keet serverless peer-to-peer platform. What happens when you take the technology built for BitTorrent, and apply it to a messaging app? What else does that allow you to do? And what’s the secret to keeping the service running even after the servers go down?

Holepunch (the company behind Pear Runtime): https://www.holepunch.to

Pear Runtime Website – https://pears.com/

Launch Press Release – https://pears.com/news/holepunch-unveils-groundbreaking-open-source-peer-to-peer-app-development-platform-pear-runtime/

Twitter – https://twitter.com/Pears_p2p

Documentation – https://docs.pears.com

Keet – http://www.keet.io

Did you know you can watch the live recording of the show right in the Hackaday Discord? Have someone you’d like use to interview? Let us know, or contact the guest and have them contact us!

Direct Download in DRM-free MP3.

If you’d rather read along, here’s the transcript for this week’s episode.

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