Footage: Chaos Erupts Inside Tennessee Capitol as Lefty Anti-Gun Rioters Stage ‘Insurrection’

Video Thursday showed the moment leftist protesters staged a riotous demonstration inside the Tennessee Capitol building demanding lawmakers enact stricter gun control legislation.

In video posted to Twitter, then deleted and re-uploaded by the original author, Tennessee Highway Patrol state troopers are seen attempting to help lawmakers access a restroom, however a rowdy mob of leftists make it near impossible for anyone to get by.

Before being deleted and re-uploaded, a tweet caption written by the NewsChannel5 reporter who initially posted the video described the scene as merely a “peaceful protest.”

Numerous Twitter users accused the NewsChannel5 reporter of deleting the tweet because she was getting massively ratioed in the comments for her asinine take.

At least one demonstrator was detained and released amid the chaos.

The tumult of shouting and screaming was mirrored inside the Capitol chamber as well, where one Democrat used a bullhorn to address the assembly, shouting, “No action, no peace.”

The chaotic scene comes as three children and three adults were gunned down at a Christian school in Nashville earlier this week by a deranged transgender individual.

It’s clear the media and Democrats have a double-standard when it comes to the First Amendment right to protest, and will stretch the definition of “peaceful demonstration” when needed.

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