“Foreign Scumbags Who Control This Network” – Steve Bannon Goes Off on FOX News Owners the Murdoch Family (VIDEO)

Did Tucker Carlson change his show plan last night?

Last Thursday night Tucker Carlson told his audience he will release information this week on his team’s analysis of the 42,000 hours of video footage from January 6, 2021 protests.

Tucker’s Monday show was explosive – Tucker Carlson immediately exposed how many of the narratives propagated by the January 6 commission were vicious lies.

Among these lies were Brian Sicknick being murdered by protesters, (Tucker showed he was unharmed), Jacob Chansley aka “The Qanon Shaman” committing sedition (he marched peacefully throughout the Capitol), and Ray Epps being a patriotic whistleblower (he perjured himself before the committee.

Then the US Senate leaders Chuck Schumer and Mitch McConnell jumped into action.  They cannot allow their narratives to be disrupted.  Schumer went to the Senate floor and threatened Tucker Carlson and FOX News for daring to show video evidence from that day.

Mitch McConnell sided with Schumer and against the American people.

Tuesday night’s show was tampered down.  Tucker Carlson did not release any explosive video.  His interview with a Capitol Hill police officer was interesting but subdued.  There were no big “reveals” on the show last night.

Now there are suggestions that Rupert Murdoch and the FOX News brass got to Tucker and changed his show plan.

Investigative reporter Sharly Attkisson tweeted out that the show plan was changed.

There is so much from January 6 that is left to be discussed.

Tucker Carlson has yet to report on the four Trump supporters who died that day and the police involvement in each of their deaths.

The American public deserves the truth.

On Wednesday morning Steve Bannon went off on the Murdoch family, calling them, “These foreign scumbags who control the network.”

Video via Midnight Rider.

** Check The American Gulag for updates on the January 6 prisoners with ways you can help.

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