Former Foreign Affairs Congressman Claims: Gaza Pier will be used to Export Palestinians to US & Canada

Part of the $9 billion in relief being sent to the Palestinians of the Gaza Strip, claims a former Congressman who sat for years on the Foreign Affairs committee, is secret funding for massive Palestinian resettlement in America and Canada.

Rep. Paul Gosar (R-AZ) noted online that the billions being sent to Gaza are suspicious in that the funds seem disconnected from the reality of a true humanitarian mission. The funds are legally worded in such a way as to give Biden and his team the ability to do whatever they want with the money.

The passage of this $95 billion funding bill was very controversial due to Republican Speaker Mike Johnson using Democrats in order to fund a spending bill to fund Democrat Biden’s priorities.

The proposed pier is allegedly just for ‘humanitarian relief.’ Mainstream news outlets claim that the only controversy about the pier is how Israel might interfere with the access point. The U.S. military is constructing the pier, and were briefly under mortar fire today though there were no casualties and no damage to the construction.

One expert in the Middle East is sounding concern and alarm about how the pier might be used, however.

Cong. Steve Stockman was in Congress for two non-consecutive terms, his first as part of the Republican Revolution of 1994, where he served from 1995-1997, and again as part of the Tea Party wave, elected in 2012 and serving from 2013-2015. Stockman served on the Foreign Affairs Committee, and had extensive knowledge of international affairs and the Middle East.

Cong. Steve Stockman’s 2013 swearing in with Stockman’s wife Patti, and then-Republican Speaker John Boehner

Stockman was harassed by the deep state for trying to impeach the IRS’ Lois Lerner and Democrat President Obama, and was sentenced to 10 years in prison, and later had his sentence mercifully commuted by President Trump around Christmas Day 2020. The DOJ deep state also tried to prosecute Stockman because he was being considered in 2017 for an Ambassadorship to the United Arab Emirates.

Stockman says that, from his contacts and also understanding how the left in power works, what’s being planned is a massive resettlement of Palestinians to the West.

“The $9 billion in relief aid wasn’t meant to actually help the Palestinians who need it,” Stockman said. “They structured it as ‘humanitarian aid’ because legally, that definition is so broad that they can repurpose the aid however they want. It’s a classic Congressional con game with this funding. It’s part of the billions and trillions spent every year by the deep state to accomplish its goals, and most of it is right out in the open.”

“They are going to use this money to resettle Palestinians in America, using this pier, the same way the militant left used Muslim refugees from Syria to colonize Europe.”

Stockman blames the quiet and covert alleged influence of former President Barack Obama.

Barack Obama, with President Donald Trump in the background.

“Obama and his team, who are the real power behind the throne with senile Biden, want to bring two million hate-filled anti-Americans here to help them win elections and help divide and destroy our native population. Their goal is to destroy you, your family, and your neighborhood,” said Stockman. “They brought millions into Europe in the same way: the left sparks a war, the left refuses to fight the war, and then they use the refugees created by their actions to restructure societies they hate. They’re bringing those Palestinians to America, just the same way they keep open borders to accomplish the same purpose.”

Federal government sources also relate that the Biden DOJ has approved nearly all of the refugee claims with nearly zero scrutiny.

Some have also pointed to claims in the past that humanitarian and food aid sent to Gaza in the past was substantially misappropriated and turned into profitable ‘reselling’ opportunities.

Stockman continued, “Most don’t know that up in Canada, Trudeau opened the door to unlimited Gaza terrorist visas while he is slow-walking getting our allies out of the Taliban’s Afghanistan. This has nothing to do with charity or humanitarianism, they want to take in Palestinians and they don’t want to help traditional U.S. allies. The history of Democrat-led foreign policy over the last generation is one of extreme cynicism and partisanship.”

Former Cong. Stockman offered one powerful example of such cynicism, “I was on a CoDel in 2014, which is short for Congressional Delegation, to Nigeria. While there, an intelligence officer came up to me and asked to speak privately. He let me know that Obama’s White House knew exactly where the Muslim Boko Haram were keeping the kidnapped Christian girls. The military was ready to go in and rescue them, and were urgently and repeatedly asking for authorization to do so. But the White House and the John Kerry State Department didn’t want to give a perceived ‘win’ to then-President Goodluck Jonathan, because he was ‘homophobic’ in their eyes. So they let those girls suffer, get raped, and die to prevent a strong black political leader who didn’t agree with their globalist gay agenda from getting a win. That’s the deep state up close: they are busy reshaping the world with American tax dollars to ensure a hard-left Communist future, globally. Now, Nigeria’s the number one spot where Christians are being murdered across the world, that’s the outcome Obama wanted.

Michelle Obama postured for the cameras to return the girls kidnapped by Boko Haram, as her husband condemned them to slavery

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