Former GOP Georgia Lt. Gov. Cheers Junk Trump Indictment – It’s “Our Opportunity” to “Take the Party Back” (VIDEO)

We can all expect to see more of former Georgia RINO Attorney General on the fake news media in the coming months.
CNN might as well sign him on as a sidekick to their angry fake hillbilly cop.

Former Georgia AG Geoff Duncan cheered the news of Trump’s latest indictment along with 18 of his close advisors and supporters.

Geoff Duncan: “You know what? Donald Trump did his most damage in Georgia. He sucked the soul out of the Republican Party here… He’s taken everything from us. And it is our turn to take it back. Right? It’s our turn to win elections based on the policies that we think we’re better on. This is the prime spot for us to take Biden to the woodshed and call him out for not running the border. Right? Not protecting our communities, not putting our best foot forward internationally… But if we make this about the three ring circus of Donald Trump, we will lose, lose, and lose again.

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