Four Cowboys from Montana and Arkansas Go Viral: “We Heard Israel is in Trouble, So We Came to Help”

Luke, Joseph, John and Ezekiel arriving in Israel Monday evening

Four Cowboys from Montana and Arkansas found themselves an Internet sensation this week as photos of them leaving for Israel from JFK airport to volunteer with our friends from HaYovel and The Israel Guys went viral.

The American Christians volunteering to help protect the Holy Land were photographed at check-in at JKF and went viral all over Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Just one post got nearly 3 million views so far.

The volunteers identified themselves as Joseph, John Plocher and Ezekiel Strain from Montana, and Luke Hudsler from Huntsville, Arkansas.

“We are here to help Israel in anyway we can in their struggle against Hamas”, they said.

They are not Jewish and all paid for their own trip, ynet reports.

They are volunteering as part of “Operation Ittai” (named after the gentile who was Captain of 600 of David’s men in the Book of Samuel) sponsored by Evangelical charity HaYovel in Samaria, who Gateway Pundit has met and reported on regularly.

“We heard Israel is in trouble, so we came to help”, Joseph said.

The devout Christians will not have much time to let their 15 minutes of internet fame go to their heads, however, as they are “already hard at work”, says Justin Hilton from The Israel Guys. “They will be doing guard watches on farms and a lot of construction, helping wherever they can, and sending a message to the Jewish people, saying we are standing with you in these hard times,” Justin said.

Find out more about how you can support Israel at HaYovel and The Israel Guys:

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