Friday Night Video Splurge — Ukraine On The Ropes

U.S. policy in Ukraine is in tatters and the Biden Administration is flailing about like a drowning man. I have several videos that should be viewed if you’re in the mood to binge that tell the story in an entertaining fashion. And it is not just me talking. You’ll hear from John Mearsheimer, Andrei Martyanov and Ray McGovern. I also want to introduce you to a Mr. Orfalea. More about his later.

First up, Andrei Martyanov and I were interviewed Wednesday by Dmitri Simes Jr. on his channel, New Rules. We focused on the military situation in Ukraine and, if I do say so my self, did a damn fine job!!

A good companion piece is a shocking development — PBS actually allowed John Mearsheimer on the News Hour where he obliterated the Ukraine is winning narrative. The fact that PBS felt obliged to actually have an informed voice on air instead of regurgitating the propaganda of Michael Kofman is a sign that the worm is turning in the Washington swamp. John did a magnificent job.

If you ever had a doubt about the group think and propaganda that defines Washington, D.C. then all you need is a dose of Orfa — Matt Orfalea to be precise. Brilliant work! Did you know that Ukraine is going to win? Must be true, I saw it on YouTube:

By the way, that image of Shep Smith is scary. He’s put on some pounds and looking his age.

I will close out with the Friday staple — Ray and I chatting it up with Judge Napolitano. We cover the waterfront.

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