FULL LIST: Mark Meadows, Rudy Giuliani, Christina Bobb, John Eastman Among Those Charged in Democrat Arizona Attorney General Kris Mayes’ Witch Hunt Grand Jury Indictment

Leftist Arizona Attorney General Kris Mayes

Trump White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, RNC attorney Christina Bobb, conservative attorney John Eastman, and Trump campaign adviser Boris Epshteyn are among the eighteen individuals indicted by an Arizona grand jury in the latest election interference witch hunt against President Trump and his allies.

President Trump was named “Unindicted Coconspirator-1” in the indictment because he made a phone call about the ballot counting to former governor Doug Ducey.

The charges include nine counts of conspiracy, fraudulent schemes and artifices, fraudulent schemes and practices, and forgery. “Defendants and unindicted coconspirators schemed to prevent the lawful transfer of the presidency to keep Unindicted Coconspirator 1 in office against the will of Arizona’s voters,” The indictment alleges.

The indictment further states, “Defendants deceived the citizens of Arizona by falsely claiming that those votes were contingent only on a legal challenge that would change the outcome of the election. In reality, Defendants intended that their false votes for Trump-Pence would encourage Pence to reject the Biden-Harris votes on January 6, 2021, regardless of the outcome of the legal challenge. When combined with the six other States where Republican electors sent in uncertified votes for Trump-Pence, Defendants wanted Pence to either declare Unindicted Coconspirator 1 the winner of the election, delay the proceeding and have individual state legislatures determine their electors, or have Congress resolve any claimed uncertainty about the validity of election results in Arizona and six other states in Unindicted Coconspirator 1’s favor.” 

However, this is perfectly legal conduct and there is a legal precedent for this so-called deception:

Per Politico:

By December 1960, it was clear Kennedy had won. Only Hawaii’s result remained in doubt. Nixon had prevailed by just 140 votes, according to the initial results, which were certified by the governor. A recount was underway on Dec. 19, 1960, when presidential electors across the nation were required by law to meet and cast their ballots.

Nixon’s Hawaii electors met and cast their three votes in an official ceremony. But nearby, Kennedy’s three elector nominees gathered and signed their own certificates, delivering them to Washington as though Kennedy had won the state.

The Gateway Pundit reported on the indictment yesterday.

Arizona’s radical left Democrat Attorney General Kris Mayes, who stole her election from Abe Hamadeh by 280 votes, announced the charges on Wednesday afternoon. She defended her witch hunt and the curious timing of the indictment – just months before the 2024 general election. Make no mistake, the charges are a warning shot to anyone who may want to challenge the 2024 election.

BREAKING: Trump 2020 Alternate Electors Indicted in Arizona in Democrat AG Mayes’ Witch Hunt – Trump Listed as Unindicted Co-Conspirator!

Democrat prosecutors in other states are also targeting Trump’s alternate electors.

In July, Democrat Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel criminally charged 16 dueling ‘Trump electors’ in the state’s 2020 election.

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis recently indicted three of Trump’s alternate electors in Georgia as part of her RICO and conspiracy case against Trump.

Five of the individuals indicted in Georgia were also indicted in Arizona.

The 18 Defendants facing felony charges in Arizona include:

  • Trump White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows – Also indicted in Georgia
  • Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani – Also indicted in Georgia
  • Trump 2020 campaign director of election day operations, Michael Roman – Also indicted in Georgia
  • Conservative attorney John Eastman – Also indicted in Georgia
  • Former Trump attorney Jenna Ellis – Also indicted in Georgia
  • Trump campaign adviser Boris Epshteyn
  • Former Trump campaign attorney and current RNC attorney Christina Bobb
  • Former Arizona GOP Chairwoman Kelli Ward
  • Michael Ward, husband of Kelli Ward
  • Republican national committeeman and Turning Point Action executive Tyler Bowyer
  • GOP State Senator Jake Hoffman
  • GOP State Senator Anthony Kern
  • Former U.S. Senate candidate Jim Lamon
  • Former Arizona GOP Executive Director Greg Safsten
  • Conservative activist Nancy Cottle
  • Conservative activist Loraine Pellegrino
  • Conservative activist Robert Montgomery
  • Conservative activist Samuel Moorhead

Per the Washington Post, attorneys and spokespersons for Mark Meadows, Rudy Giuliani, John Eastman, and Kelli Ward responded to a request for comment:

Meadows lawyer George Terwilliger said Wednesday he had not yet seen the indictment when a Post reporter called him. After reviewing the indictment, he said: “If Mr. Meadows is named in this indictment, it is a blatantly political and politicized accusation and will be contested and defeated.”

“The continued weaponization of our justice system should concern every American, as it does permanent, irrevocable harm to the country,” Ted Goodman, a spokesman for Giuliani, said in response to the indictment.

“The phenomenon of partisan lawfare grows more troubling by the day,” Charles Burnham, an attorney for Eastman, said in an email responding to the Arizona charges. “Professor Eastman is innocent of criminal conduct in Arizona or any other place and will fight these charges as he has all the other unjust accusations leveled against him.”

A lawyer representing Ward and most of the other Trump electors said: “We are certainly disappointed in today’s developments and are confident that these charges are unwarranted.”

The Gateway Pundit will continue to provide updates on the Arizona election interference indictment.

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