Georgia’s Gabe Sterling Goes Silent and Is “In Hiding” Since Georgia State Election Board Finds Violations in Second 2020 Election Investigation

Guest post by Joe Hoft – republished with permission.

Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger and Gabe Sterling chief operating officer (COO) in the office of the Georgia Secretary of State.

The people were right. The 2020 Election results in Georgia never should have been certified. The 2020 election in Georgia was stolen. It’s a fact.

Georgia’s Gabe Sterling who was involved in the certification of the stolen 2020 Election claimed that there were no issues with the Georgia election results. This was false and is false. Even Governor Kemp agreed that there were issues with the 2020 Election.

Georgia citizen Joe Rossi looked into the 2020 Election and the recounts after the election and he found numerous issues with the election results in Fulton County.

After the 2020 Election, a Risk Limiting Audit (RLA) was carried out by Georgia’s Secretary of State’s (SOS’s) Office that included numerous errors.

Thanks to the efforts of Georgian Joseph Rossi, thirty-six errors were found in the Fulton County data in the RLA report posted on Georgia’s Secretary of State’s website.

Rossi went after those in authority requesting that they review his data.  He was turned down and ignored numerous times.  But eventually after a series of events, Rossi was able to get his work showing numerous errors in front of members of Governor Kemp’s office.

As a result of Rossi’s work and Kemp’s team’s investigation, the Georgia State Elections Board (SEB) initiated an investigation into the Fulton County data from the RLA report.  This investigation was labeled SEB2021-181.  Eventually the SEB identified violations and errors in the recounts of the 2020 Election in Fulton County.

Another complaint related to Fulton County was filed that specifically called out 3,125 duplicate ballot counts and 17,852 votes counted without corresponding ballot images.  These ballots should never have been included in the election.  This complaint resulted in the creation of investigation SEB2023-25.  This investigation is complete and the results of this investigation will be presented to the SEB on May 7, 2023 per a letter recently received by Joe Rossi.  This complaint has been categorized by the Board as “violations found.”

Despite numerous issues that should have prevented the 2020 Election from being certified, the election was certified and then the SOS’s office lied about the accuracy of the recounts in Georgia.

[Remember that the 2020 results were certified for Biden three days after the election after he overcame President Trump’s 200,000 vote lead on election night to steal the election by less than 12,000 votes in Georgia. – See The Steal – Volume II: The Impossible Occurs for more information.

Note also that that the investigations noted above were independent of two court cases that occurred in Georgia after the 2020 Election.  At least three individuals involved in a recount that occurred in the state after the election identified 148,000 ballots that appeared to have been created by a machine and to be fraudulent.  Fulton county and others in the state are still preventing access to these ballots even though the Georgia Supreme Court ruled that the plaintiffs have the right to audit these ballots.

In addition, a separate audit of voting machines was initiated after the 2020 Election which was finally released years later which showed that the systems used in Georgia had security issues and bad actors could hack into them and change the results of an election.

And, we recently found out that there was no signature validation for tens of thousands of votes counted in Fulton County.  A Fulton County Commissioner voted not to certify the election based on this issue.]

BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: The Errors, The Lie, and The Cover-Up in Georgia’s 2020 Election – PART II

Since being notified of the second investigation classified as “violations found”, Rossi requested that Gabe Sterling provide an explanation for his comments and email responses where he claimed that there were no issues in the 2020 Election in Georgia.

This is Rossi’s 11th email to Sterling:

After being behind the efforts to certify the uncertifiable election in 2020 and getting caught with not one, but two investigations into the 2020 Election results, and two court cases identifying thousands of issues with election results, and uncovering that no signature validations occurred in Fulton County for over 100,000 votes, Gabe Sterling is nowhere to be found.

Gabe is hiding.

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