Ghislaine Maxwell Wants to Use Accuser’s Overdose Death to Validate Her Appeal, While She Represents Herself in Suit Demanding Millions From Epstein’s Estate

She was born with a silver spoon in her mouth, daughter of media baron Robert Maxwell, and spent most of her adult years as sidekick to multimillionaire sex offender Jeffrey Epstein – a life of luxury, by all accounts.

Nowadays, Ghislaine Maxwell is another inmate at FCI Tallahassee, where she is serving a 20 years sentence.

There, she spends a good part of the time worrying ans planning her appeal and other lawsuits she is involved in.

Now, it surfaces that the disgraced socialite believes the overdose death of a key prosecution witness against her ‘significantly’ increases her chances of winning her appeal, sources close to her claim.

Daily Mail reported:

“It emerged earlier this month that one of four victims who testified against her in court, mother-of-five Carolyn Andriano, had died of a drugs overdose in a Florida hotel room.”

36-year-old Andriano suffered a fentanyl and prescription drugs overdose in May – but her death was only publicly known in recent days. She claimed to be drug-free during Maxwell’s 2021 criminal trial.

“A source said: ‘Carolyn’s death could be hugely significant because if Ghislaine is granted the right to a new trial there will be a huge legal argument about whether Carolyn’s previous testimony is admissible. This has significantly boosted Ghislaine’s chances of gaining her freedom.’

While Ms Andriano took the stand anonymously – giving powerful testimony that she was groomed by Maxwell at 14 and abused by pedophile Jeffrey Epstein more than 100 times – she waived her anonymity after the case in an interview with the Daily Mail.”

Maxwell’s lawyers will seek to use the death of Andriano during her appeal, which could come to court be as early as December.

“The source added: ‘There is no doubt Carolyn had a tragic life. She was abused by Epstein and other men. Her drug use could become a huge issue. She claimed to be sober when she gave evidence. It’s significant because at least one of the jurors said her testimony convinced them to convict Ghislaine’.”

But this is not the only judicial matter that Maxwell is involved in.

She is also seeking millions of dollars from Jejjrey Epstein’s state, to cover legal fees, security costs, and other expenses that she claims have been caused by her relationship with Epstein.

She is also being forced to represent herself in her ongoing legal dispute with the Epstein estate.

Inside Edition reported:

“The incarcerated sex offender writes that she is unable to find a lawyer willing to represent her at this time and will be appearing pro se until she does, in a response to status hearing filed in the Virgin Islands and obtained by Inside Edition Digital.”

She is responding to the estate of Jeffrey Epstein asking the judge to dismiss her case.

“‘Plaintiff is seeking New Counsel as she is aware it is preferable for all parties to be represented for efficiency and for judicial economy’, writes Maxwell in her response to the judge. ‘Plaintiff faces challenges finding New Counsel as many potential candidates are conflicted and Plaintiff is facing financial constraints’.”

The estate asked the judge to dismiss the proceedings over what they allege was ‘Maxwell’s failure to prosecute’.

“‘Maxwell’s counsel withdrew from his representation over one year ago, and since that time, this case has lain dormant. Though the Court has granted her ample time to find new counsel and ordered her to do so, Maxwell has not done so’, the Epstein estate’s motion reads. ‘Additionally, to the extent Maxwell is unable to retain new counsel, nothing precludes her from litigating her claims pro se, but she has thus far declined to do so. Accordingly, the Court should dismiss Maxwell’s Complaint’.”

It has been nearly four years since Maxwell filed her lawsuit.

“‘Maxwell receives regular threats to her life and safety, which have required her to hire personal security services and find safe accommodation’, the lawsuit alleges.

[…] ‘Maxwell has incurred and will continue to incur significant legal fees, personal security costs, and other costs in connection with legal suits, proceedings and investigations relating to Epstein, his affiliated businesses, and his alleged victims’, the lawsuit says.”

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