Globalist Pope Francis Gives His First US TV Interview, so MSM Uses Him To Help Push Climate Alarmism Into Overdrive

It is said that ‘even a broken clock is right twice a day.’ By that, we infer that, due to some statistical oddity, even people who are consistently wrong can sometimes be right.

This applies to Globalist Pope Francis, who is famously wrong in a vast number of issues, but every now and then is able to land one for the right team.

Just some three weeks ago, Pope Francis did something unusual, and issued a declaration called ‘Dignitas Infinita’, in which he strongly defended the Catholic Church’s dogma and doctrine without trying to ‘improve’ or ‘modernize’ it.

He dealt with a dozen contemporary issues through the lens of scripture and church teaching, including abortion, human trafficking, poverty, euthanasia, and the death penalty, among others.

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However, it also follows that during the rest of the day, the broken clock is necessarily wrong. And so is Francis.

Now, with apparent better health, the Pontiff gave his first-ever US TV interview to CBS News’ Norah O’Donnell, and he made a point of adhering to the Globalist talking point of the day, speaking out against climate change deniers’, calling them ‘fools’.

UK paper Daily Mail hilariously called Francis ‘the often progressive pontiff’, as if that was not a full-time occupation with the Argentine Pope.

Mostly, he talked about the sensible theme of the necessity of Peace talks in all wars, but ‘peace does not sell,’ so MSM will focus on the climate alarmism.

Daily Mail reported:

“He made a pointed effort to express his displeasure with those who deny climate change when asked what he says to those who deny it by O’Donnell.

‘There are people who are foolish, and even foolish if they show you them research. They don’t believe it,’ he said through an interpreter. They don’t understand the situation or because of their interest, but climate change exists,’ he added.”

This is all he said about the issue, so Daily Mail segued it with no less than 5 paragraphs of the purest climate alarmism with a heavy-handed editorial tone that is totally out of the supposed focus of the piece.

The rest of the interview dealt with the Pope’s constant calls for peace in all the military conflicts of the world.

While he may be guilty of over-simplifying the issues, it’s within the expected scope of a Pope’s duties, a relentless quest for peace on Earth.

“When asked what can be done for a million Gazan children facing starvation, he added that they and children in Ukraine must be helped. 

‘Those kids don’t know how to smile. This is very hard when a child forgets to smile,’ he said.

His overall message was: ‘Please, countries at war, all of them, stop the war. Look to negotiate peace’.”

But peace and love do not sell papers or help control the population, and fear does.

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