GoFundMe Fundraiser to Help Cover Trump’s Legal Fees Surpasses a Million Dollars

A GoFundMe fundraising campaign launched to help cover former President Donald Trump’s legal fees has raised over a million dollars in about a week.

The fundraiser’s goal is $355 million — the amount of penalties that Trump was ordered to pay in a civil fraud case in New York earlier this month.

The campaign was launched by a Florida woman named Elena Cardone, the wife of investor and entrepreneur Grant Cardone.

As of Saturday afternoon, the campaign had raised $1,177,020 from over 20,000 donors.

The description of the fundraiser explains, “My name is Elena Cardone and I am a wife of Grant Cardone, mother and an ardent supporter of American values and an advocate for justice, I stand unwaveringly with President Donald Trump in the face of what I see as unprecedented and unfair treatment by certain judicial elements in New York.”

“The recent legal battles he faces are not just an attack on him, but an attack on the very ideals of fairness and due process that every American deserves,” the fundraiser’s description continues. “It’s a moment that calls into question the balance of justice and the application of law, disproportionately aimed at silencing a voice that has been at the forefront of advocating for American strength, prosperity, and security.”

“In standing with Trump, we’re upholding the cause of every business owner and entrepreneur who believes in the fight against a system that increasingly seeks to penalize dissent and curb our freedoms.”

Cardone wrote, “This is more than a legal fund; it’s a call to all business owners and entrepreneurs to rally in defense of all businesses and for man who has never hesitated to stand in defense of us.”

“Now, more than ever, it’s time for business owners and entrepreneurs to unite, to show our collective strength and resolve. Let’s stand with Trump to ensure that justice prevails and that we continue to fight for a country that respects freedom, honors courage, and rewards the unwavering spirit of its people.”

Trump has vowed to appeal the ruling, which his legal team has called a “politically fueled witch hunt.”

Those who wish to donate can do so here.

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