Google Gemini Director’s Disturbingly Racist Posts Discovered: This Explains Why Its AI Erased White People

In the week that Google’s new artificial intelligence platform launched, its seeming inability to produce images of white men regardless of the prompt made it an unmitigated disaster.

And with more information unearthed regarding the people responsible for Google Gemini’s insufferable wokeness, its deficiencies look much less like a bug and more like a feature.

As reported Thursday by the Babylon Bee’s news site, Not the Bee, the senior director of the project, Jack Krawczyk, addressed Gemini’s problems in a post on the X social media platform — before he locked his account.

“We are aware that Gemini is offering inaccuracies in some historical image generation depictions, and we are working to fix this immediately,” Krawczyk said.

Between the wording of his post and Google’s decision to suspend Gemini’s image-generating feature, it appears the tech giant wants the insanely diverse images to seem like a simple mistake.

After X users unearthed some of Krawczyk’s past posts, however, the inherent bias of the platform seems much less accidental.

Among those — shared by the @LeftismForU account — are gems such as, “White privilege is f***ing real,” “I don’t mind paying more taxes and investing in overcoming systemic racism,” and, “This is America, where racism is the #1 value our populace seeks to uphold above all.”

So far, Krawczyk makes your typical self-flagellating white leftist seem like an old-school centrist — but there’s more.

In a post about the 2020 presidential election, Krawczyk wrote, “I’ve been crying in intermittent bursts for the past 24 hours since casting my ballot. Filling in that Biden/Harris line felt cathartic.”

Seriously? This was a public admission from a grown man who occupies a senior position at one of the most powerful tech companies in the world.

That pathetic display aside, it’s clear that Gemini’s single-minded devotion to the cult of diversity, equity and inclusion is not an accident at all.

Now, an AI at its core is a computer model.

It has no intentions, biases or goals of its own — all of those come from the programmers.

It takes the input and code from its creators and makes an output based on that. Any sort of bias or political leaning will come from the humans who programmed it.

If the AI is being designed by someone like Krawczyk who constantly posts about systemic racism and other racist tropes on a public forum, then of course Gemini will reflect that.

That’s not just conjecture, either.

Not the Bee reported a user got the AI to essentially admit that it adds words like “diverse” and “non-binary” to the user’s prompts, and other users trying to generate any specifically white figure will get a lengthy lecture about “discrimination” and “inclusion.”

Regardless of what the left constantly insists, racism goes all ways — it’s “equal opportunity,” to borrow a phrase.

White people have become the left’s new punching bag, enabled by Marxist academics seeking to alter the very definition of racism.

Now, courtesy of one the wokest Big Tech companies, we see the consequences of that ideology trickling down to the products and services it produces.

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