Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders Says She Does Not Want to Be VP — ‘I Absolutely Love the Job I Have’

Arkansas Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders has been rumored to be a potential running mate option for former President Donald Trump — but she says she is not interested in leaving her current position.

Sanders was asked about the gossip on CBS News’s “Face the Nation” on Sunday.

“Look, I absolutely love the job I have. I think it’s one of the best jobs I could ever ask for, and I am honored to serve as governor, and I hope I get to do it for the next seven years,” Sanders said.

Sanders has long been a loyal supporter of Trump and previously served as his press secretary.

In November, she endorsed Trump for reelection.

Trump was asked when he will decide on a running mate by Fox News’ Brett Baier in New Hampshire this weekend.

The Republican frontrunner replied, “Well, it’s never really had that much of an effect on an election, which is an amazing thing, both election and primary. It’s never really had much of an effect.”

“I may or may not really something over the next couple of months. There’s no rush to that. It won’t have any impact at all. The person that I think I like is a very good person, a pretty standard. I think people won’t be that surprised, but I would say there’s probably a 25 percent chance that would be that person,” Trump added.

Trump Says ‘People Won’t be That Surprised’ by His VP Choice | The Gateway Pundit | by Cassandra MacDonald

Trump said that he had already made his decision about his running mate during a Fox News town hall earlier this month.

“Well I can’t tell you that really. I mean, I know who it’s going to be,” Trump said.

Trump also said he is getting many calls from people eager to work in a second Trump administration.

“I have a lot of people that want to work with me,” Trump said. “I have people calling — just as I’m getting on the stage, I had a call from two of the very most important people in the military wanting to come work for me.”

“Everybody wants to come to work for us. We’re gonna have no trouble. We had great people [in his first term], we had a couple that were not great, stiffs, as I would call them, but that’s true with anybody,” Trump continued.

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