Growing Number of Expats Watching America’s Demise from Afar

Edward Hille gets emotional when he talks about watching the demise of America from his new home in Roatan – a bay island of Honduras.

He’s now what many call an expat – still an American citizen, but fled years ago to live in another country.

According to Aetna International, the number of expats has more than doubled in the last fifteen years — and even more Americans are leaving the US amid rising political divisiveness and cost of living.

Central America is a popular destination for expats, and on Roatan, you can take a boat ride over to Hille’s bar on the water. It’s called “Hole in the Wall.”

The remote bar, tucked away on the island, has the most unlikely theme. You have to see this Trump-themed bar – hidden in Central America – to believe it.

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