Hairy-Chested Trans Mayor in California Booted from Office Amid Soaring Homelessness and Crime – Previously Called Recall Effort Transphobic

Credit: Calexico Mayor Raul Ureña/Facebook

Residents of a California border town have kicked their woke trans mayor out of office amid the city’s struggles with serious social issues.

The Gateway Pundit reported earlier this week that 26-year-old Calexico mayor Raul Ureña, the first trans mayor in the Golden State, was facing a serious recall effort from residents fed-up with his so-called leadership. Calexico is a small, heavily Hispanic city in southern Imperial County that sits on the border of Mexico and California.

Calexico has experienced rampant crime rates and the emergence of homeless encampments. Ureña’s reign has left the downtown area in distress.

While a biological male, Ureña identifies as a transgender woman and uses she/they pronouns. He stopped using traditional suits as office attire in favor of low-cut dresses that showcase a still-hairy chest.

Ureña has described himself as “sexy as hell” on various occasions, according to the New York Post.

Now, he is probably feeling a little less self-confident. The Daily Mail revealed that nearly 74 percent of voters voted to recall Ureña on April 16, a massive landslide victory for sanity.

The news only got better when another radical-left Calexico politician also got the boot. The Daily Mail revealed Councilmember Gilberto Manzanarez, a supporter of Ureña, saw 73 percent of voters vote in favor of his recall.

4,933 total votes were cast in the recall, according to the outlet. What makes the landslide numbers against Ureña and Manzanarez more impressive is Republicans only make up 27 percent of the heavily Democrat city’s population.

58-year-old Maritza Hurtado, who worked as the former mayor for Calexico, led the recall of both Ureña and Manzanarez. She recently detailed a heartbreaking encounter on Facebook with a local business owner that was receiving no help despite the presence of drugged-up individuals hanging around her place of work.

I met another Calexico Downtown business owner yesterday who showed me these videos and, with tears in her eyes, asked, “What can we do?” These videos show two people in front of her store who are hunched over in a “zombie state” and frozen for a half hour! She got no help from the city.

I told her, ‘We are going to organize and push for a safer downtown TOGETHER.” I honor all my fellow downtown merchants who are struggling thru this nightmare situation, We have work to do! Vote YES on Recall!!! Vote SI.’

In response to the righteous backlash, Ureña refused to accept responsibility for his failures. Instead, he whipped out the transphobia card as the real reason behind the recall, citing alleged personal attacks and photos meant to discredit him.

“Predictable transphobia,” he whined.

Ureña also worried he might be more vulnerable if not in an elected position due to his “identity.”

“I might even be more vulnerable if I’m not in an elected position where people have elected me to represent a lot of people who don’t identify as LGBT,” he said.

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