Hamas Barbarians Release Video of 12-Year-Old Jewish Boy They Took Hostage 34 Days Ago – Where Is the Global Community on This War Crime?

It’s been 35 days since Hamas barbarians stormed into southern Israel, slaughtered 1,400 Jews and took another 240 Jews hostage.

The list of hostages includes babies, children, women, men, soldiers, and seniors.

The barbarians will not allow international aid groups like the Red Cross to inspect on the condition of the Israeli hostages taken over a month ago now.

Among the hostages are 12-year-old Yagel Yaakov and his 16-year-old brother Or Yaakov.

The Times of Israel reported on their abduction and of Hamas calling the family after the abduction.

Yagil Yaakov, 12, and Or Yaakov, 16, were sleeping, alone in their Kibbutz Nir Oz house when Hamas terrorists attacked on the morning of October 7.

The two brothers called their mother, Renana Gome, whispering from the sealed room where they were hiding.

They were scared to death, said their mother, from the account she shares in an animated short created by “Waltz with Bashir” animator Yoni Goodman, about their harrowing experience on that Black Shabbat.

Or, the older brother, tried to hold the door shut, but the terrorists overcame him.

The last thing she heard was her younger son, Yagil, saying, “Don’t take me, I’m too young.”

Gome was then called by her sons’ abductors, who told her they had her sons.

On Thursday the Hamas barbarians released video of 12-year-old Yagel.
The boy looks tired. He has bags around his eyes. The Islamist killers have been holding him now for 34 days.

Yeshiva World reported:

The Palestinian Islamic Jihad has offered to release two hostages on “humanitarian grounds.” In a video released Thursday, the organization’s spokesman, Abu Hamza, declared the terrorist group’s intention to free an elderly woman and a young boy.

The hostages have been identified as Yagil Yaakov, 13, and Chana Katzir, 77, based on the video footage released by the PIJ. It is the first time that this terror group has released a video of hostages abducted by its terrorist members.

The video includes statements from the hostages dictated to them by their barbaric captors, in which they are forced to parrot terrorist talking points blaming Israel for the murderous terror attack on Simchas Torah that resulted in the deaths of 1,400 of their family, friends and neighbors.

Chana’s family has been very worried about her as she uses a walker, takes many medications, and requires a lot of medical care. Her husband, Rami, was murdered by the terrorists, and her son, Elad, who also lives on the kibbutz and was his parents’ main caretaker, was also abducted.

Yagel Yaakov says in the video: “Hi. I’m Yagil Yaakov, I’m 13 years old. I miss my family and friends like crazy and I love you. I want to say thank you very much to those who support us in Tel Aviv, to do as much as you can so I can return and all the hostages can return. I want to say to Netanyahu: ‘It’s simply unbelievable, all these explosions are insane – you’re killing children and even prisoners (i.e hostages). You’re not restoring the water and the electricity and medication – and we, as the prisoners, need these things. I want to say thank you very much to all those who support us in Tel Aviv and I hope that I can return as soon as possible because the longer I’m here the more danger I’m in. Thank you very much to the Islamic Jihad who is taking care of me here in Gaza so that I don’t die and I receive food and water and medication as needed. Netanyahu – I want to tell you that if something happens to me, it’s on your conscience, and if something happens to one of the prisoners [hostages], it’s on your conscience – because the Islamic Jihad is truly working hard to take care of all of us.”

Hamas is blaming any dead hostages on the Israeli government! How wicked is that? How is the global community to know if they were tortured and murdered by Hamas? Or if they were killed in Israel and then had their bodies dragged to Gaza.

And how can anyone support this barbarism?

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