Harvard Student Who Was Part of Anti-Israel Campus Mob That Harassed Jewish Student Evicted From Housing

An Israeli student at Harvard was recently harassed by an anti-Israel mob prompting outrage from alums and the public.

One of the students at the center of the controversy is a student at Harvard’s Divinity School.

He has now been evicted from housing and lost his position as a proctor.

The Harvard Crimson reports:

Harvard Proctor Indefinitely Relieved of Duties Following Confrontation at Pro-Palestine Protest

A Harvard College proctor has been indefinitely relieved of his duties following his involvement in a confrontation at a pro-Palestine protest, according to a petition that began circulating Friday evening and a student with direct knowledge of the situation.

According to the petition, the First Year Experience Office — which oversees freshmen residential life — notified Elom Tettey-Tamaklo on Wednesday that he would be relieved of his proctor position “for an indeterminate amount of time.”

Tettey-Tamaklo, who is a second-year student at Harvard Divinity School and a proctor for Thayer Hall, declined to comment.

Proctors are Harvard graduate students, instructors, or staff who oversee a group of freshmen. They are unpaid and receive compensation in the form of meal swipes and housing in a freshman dorm. According to the petition, Tettey-Tamaklo was asked to vacate Thayer on Friday.

“Elom’s treatment by the Residential Life administration seems to be in direct conflict with Harvard’s supposed ‘vital commitment to free expression,’” the petition states. “Expressing and organizing around our beliefs should not place us in jeopardy of housing or vocational insecurity.”

Actions have consequences. It’s amazing to see Harvard actually punishing someone over this. It’s long overdue. The school has allowed this situation to get completely out of control.

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