Having Nun of It! Eco-Warrior Rugby Tackled by Nun for Blocking Construction at Religious Site

A nun from a small religious community in Southern France has gained international acclaim on social media after she tackled an environmental activist who was attempting to block construction at a pilgrimage site.

On Monday, green activists descended upon the Notre-Dame des Neiges (Our Lady of the Snows) pilgrimage site in the Saint-Pierre-de-Colombiar commune of Ardèche in an attempt to block the construction of a Catholic sanctuary.

As cameramen from public broadcaster France 3 were filming the dispute between the militant green activist group “Zone à Défendre” (Area Defenders) and the local religious community “La Famille Missionaire de Notre Dame” (The Missionary Family of Our Lady), a nun was filmed ramming into one of the male eco-warriors and dropping him to the ground in what has been compared to an NFL or rugby-style tackle.

Video footage of the incident saw many heap praise on the nun, with Irish Freedom Party leader Herman Kelly writing: “Sister should be playing rugby for South Africa. She was having nun of it.”

Catholic philosopher and Associate Professor at Pasadena City College in California, Edward Feser added: “One thinks of those medieval images of the Virgin Mary punching the devil in the face. If only Sister had been packing the stereotypical nun’s ruler to boot.”

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