HEARTBREAKING: 73-Yr-Old MI Female Defendant Uses Walker to Step Away to “Pee in a Jar” During 5-Minute Break In MI AG Nessel’s Grotesque, Politically Motivated Case Against Elderly Alternate Electors

On Tuesday, 6 of 15 of the MI alternate GOP electors charged with eight felonies, which carry up to 14 years in jail, appeared in district court.

The hearing for the MI alternate electors is on its third day in Lansing, MI, which is located in Ingham County, a county that Democrat MI AG Nessel remarked is not going to be as favorable for the electors as a Republican-leaning county like Antrim County, MI, because of its a “very, very liberal county.”

On Sept 22, 2023, AG Nessel was a guest at a liberal online event, where she completely negated her own charges against the electors. When Nessel was asked about the MI GOP electors that she’s charged with eight felonies each, she foolishly replied that the electors were convinced that President Trump won the 2020 election. “They legit believe that,” she told them, adding that “Ingham County, where Lansing is located, is a very, very liberal county,” suggesting that there is no way the Republican electors can get a fair trial, essentially admitting that the electors will have a very difficult time winning their case because of the “very, very liberal district” where she chose to have them tried.

During the hearing on Wednesday, the court-appointed lawyer for 73-year-old Michelle Lundgren informed the court that his client gave him an affidavit to act on her behalf while she appeared remotely on Zoom due to an injury that prohibited her from appearing in person. The judge then announced that there would be a five-minute recess from the court proceedings. With the microphone still active on her computer, Michelle Lundgren, who appeared on the camera to be very thin and fragile, asked her husband, “Can I go to the bathroom, Carl?” He responded, “You better,” to which she replied, “Hurry!”  Mrs. Lundgren, who appeared nervous about making it to the bathroom and back in 5 minutes, told her husband, “Let me just pee in a jar!” she told him.  Her husband can be seen by her side in front of the camera, which is still activated. Mrs. Lundgren asked if she could walk. Mr. Lundgren tells her she can only walk if she uses her walker.  As Mrs. Lundgren hoists herself up from her chair and grabs her walker, she can be heard saying, “Okay, let me go pee in a cup!”

Michelle Lundgren disappears from the screen, where the camera and microphone remain active. Voices can still be heard in the background, but what they’re saying is unclear. Mrs. Lundgren, who, with the help of her husband, makes her way back to the screen for only a few seconds when she says, “I need that plastic bottle.” When her husband asks why, she says, “I have to pee again!” Her husband tells her, “Nobody has to pee that much!” and tells her to “just go your diapers!”

Finally, after almost 9 minutes of not knowing she and her husband were being recorded for the whole world to see on Zoom during a courtroom proceeding, Mr. Lundgren received a phone call from someone to inform them that they were being recorded, at which point he re-enters the screen and can be seen muting the microphone. This was absolutely tragic and should never have been happening to this woman in the first place!


This is just one example of the many senior citizens whom Michigan’s grotesquely partisan AG Dana Nessel is charging with eight felonies each. If convicted on all counts, it could mean Michelle Lundgren would potentially spend the rest of her life in jail.

To her credit, District Judge Kristen D. Simmons appears to be treating all parties fairly and has not shown any signs of partisanship.  Today, a photo of the electors meeting at the GOP headquarters was shared by the prosecution (lawyers working on behalf of AG Nessel) and was submitted to the court to be used as one of the exhibits in the case. The photo was shown to Mr. James Renner, an elector whose charges were dropped in exchange for his testimony (which appeared to help the 15 electors who are still being charged).

The prosecution asked Mr. Renner if he recognized anyone in the photo. He responded by mentioning a couple of names of the people he recognized. He confirmed the photo was taken of the group of electors before they attempted to deliver their alternate slate of electoral votes to the MI Senate, who were, at the time, in session.

Detroit News “Reporter” Craig Mauger shared an image of Mr. Renner and the photo Assistant Attorney General LaDonna Logan gave him.

When it was time to cross-examine Mr. Renner about the photo, Nick Somberg, who is representing former MI GOP Co-Chair Meshawn Maddock, asked Mr. Renner, who is a retired 10-year employee of the MI State Police Department, if, in his ten years of working in law enforcement, if he ever saw a group of criminals pose for a photo before they committed a crime? “Not that I was privy to,” James Renner replied. The courtroom, including the judge, erupted in laughter. Dana Nessel’s lawyers were clearly not finding the best one-liner of the day that proved the ridiculousness of the case against the mostly senior citizens even remotely funny.

These hearings should infuriate anyone who watched them, regardless of political persuasion. Witch hunts by elected officials of their political opponents should never be happening in America, but lawfare appears to be the weapon of choice by Democrats as we move closer to the 2024 general election, which shows support for the “81 million vote” getter, Joe Biden, all but disappearing.

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