Here We Go Again: South Carolina Voters Unable to Vote Reportedly Due to Internet Being Out – Voters Told to Put Ballots in “Another Slot”

The Republican Primary is well underway in South Carolina and already there are reports of issues with voting tabulators in at least one precinct in Richland County.

Real America’s Voice Michelle Backus was on the ground in Satchel Ford Elementary in Columbia, SC.  She spoke Tony Burkes, a voter in that particular precinct.  He said after he filled out his ballot and ran it through the scanner, he received an error message.

Now tell me if this sounds familiar:  A poll worker then told the voter that “they didn’t have internet” and that he would have to “fold it and slide it into another slot.  It looked kind of like a trash can.”

Richland County, SC uses the ES&S DS200 optical scanners, as well as the ES&S ExpressPoll and ExpressVote systems.

We have been told for quite some time that the tabulators do not connect to the internet.  Election officials have claimed that pollbooks must be hooked to the internet in order to ensure voters are credited as voting after the process.  According to the man, this occurred after he received a ballot and while he was scanning it in the tabulator.

He said there were several other voters that he saw at the time that were also puzzled by the issue.

This “other slot” is eerily reminiscent of the issues that were widespread throughout Maricopa County during the 2022 mid-term elections, as reported by The Gateway Pundit, which ended up causing massive lines and long delays in voting, as well as the inability for the voter to ensure their vote was properly tabulated.

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