Hillary Clinton Calls Trump a “Wannabe Dictator,” Claims He is “Enamored of Putin” (VIDEO)

Twice-failed presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton spoke with far-left ‘reporter’ Christiane Amanpour about the stalled Senate aid bill that funds foreign countries while largely ignoring the US border crisis.

Earlier this month Republican Senators voted against advancing a compromised ‘border security bill’ that would have allocated more money to foreign countries while largely ignoring the US border.

The Senate’s $118.28 billion national security supplemental package allocated $60 billion in military aid to Ukraine.

Only $20.23 billion was allocated to secure the US border amid an unprecedented invasion of military-age males from Africa, the Middle East, Latin America, and China.

After this bill failed to pass the Senate last week, Schumer rolled out another supplemental aid package for Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan.

The Senate early Tuesday passed Schumer’s supplemental aid package and allocated $95 billion to Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan. 22 Republicans voted in favor of giving foreign countries money while ignoring the crisis at the US border.

The $95 billion package died in the House last week. Speaker Johnson shut it down.

Now it’s all hands on deck to put pressure on Speaker Johnson to fund Ukraine.

It’s also Trump’s fault.

Hillary Clinton dusted off her old playbook. She called Trump a “wannabe dictator” and claimed he is “enamored of Putin.”

“If this [foreign aid] bill from the Senate were ever put on the floor of the House, it would pass… overwhelmingly,” Hillary Clinton said.

But House Republicans “are not doing America’s business, they’re doing Donald Trump’s business… He’s a wannabe dictator. Why is Donald Trump so enamored of Putin?” Hillary Clinton said.


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