Hillary Clinton Compares President Trump to Hitler – Trump Supporters Respond (VIDEO)

Twice-failed presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton compared President Trump to Adolf Hitler during an appearance on “The View” on Wednesday.

“Hitler was duly elected, right? And so all of a sudden, somebody with those tendencies, the dictatorial, the authoritarian tendencies would be like, ok, we’re gonna shut this down, we’re gonna throw these people in jail and they usually don’t telegraph that,” Clinton told the hags on The View.

She continued, “Trump is telling us what he intends to do! Take him at his word! The man means to throw people in jail who disagree with him! Shut down legitimate press outlets! Do what he can that literally undermine the rule of law and our country’s values!”


Of course, this is a projection.

It is Democrat Joe Biden who jailed his main political opponent Trump.

Joe Biden’s Justice Department has charged and jailed more than 1,000 J6rs for minor, non-violent infractions.

Democrat Fulton County DA Fani Willis indicted President Trump and 18 others on RICO and conspiracy charges. Fani Willis criminalized the First Amendment.

Trump was charged for asking his supporters to watch One America News and RSBN in a series of tweets.

The Biden Regime has openly sought to silence and censor conservatives on social media.

A federal appeals court recently ruled that the Biden administration, health officials, and the FBI pressured social media companies to censor posts related to COVID-19, Hunter Biden, and elections — violating the First Amendment.

Click here to read a landmark lawsuit filed against the Biden Regime to colluding with Big Tech to silence and censor conservatives – Missouri v Biden.

Everything Hillary Clinton accused Trump of is what the Democrats are doing.

Trump supporters weighed in.

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