Hornady Enters 5.7×28 Market With Two New Loads

Once a niche cartridge only supported by one company, the 5.7×28 is becoming mainstream. Hornady is the latest contender to join the fray with two new ammunition choices. Let’s take a look at what they bring to the table. 

5.7×28 @ TFB:

First up is the 5.7×28 FTX Critical Defense load. It features a new 40-grain FTX projectile. Its polymer-tipped hollow point “expands reliably and resists clogging when fired through heavy clothing.” This projectile is not available for sale on its own at this time, but perhaps we will see it in the future. The Critical Defense load is packaged in a box of 25 rounds.

Secondly, we have the 5.7×28 BLACK. This load features the 40-grain V-Max projectile that 5.7 shooters have used for years in the FN SS197SR loading. It is packaged in a box of 25 rounds, and will probably retail at a lower price than the Critical Defense load if prior trends stay true.

This is only a product announcement at this time, and Hornady has not released full information for either load. We will have to wait and see what pricing, velocity, and availability information is released in the future. But one thing is for sure, the 5.7×28 is having a moment and is more popular and better supported than ever before.

Hornady Enters 5.7x28 Market With Two New Loads

Critical Defense 5.7×28

Hornady Enters 5.7x28 Market With Two New Loads

BLACK 5.7×28

Hornady Enters 5.7x28 Market With Two New Loads

From the manufacturer:

Using carefully selected components that ensure reliable cycling and optimized propellants that burn quickly to reduce recoil and limit muzzle flash, the new 5.7x28mm features a 40 gr. FTX bullet in Critical Defense and a 40 gr. V-MAX in Hornady BLACK.

All images from Hornady.

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