HORROR: Thugs Pummel NYPD Officer Who Asked Them to Stop Smoking at a NYC Subway Station – One Suspect Remains at Large (VIDEO)

Credit: @JohnDMacari

Thugs were caught on camera beating the tar out a NYC policeman after he and his partner politely asked them to stop smoking at a subway station.

The New York Post reported the incident occurred at 2:30 pm. on Monday at the Freeman Street subway station.

The altercation started after two officers requested three men to put out their cigarettes as smoking is illegal at the NYC subways. But the individuals instead angrily refused.

The NYPD said the three men then attacked the two officers when they tried removing the thugs from the premises.

A disturbing video posted to TikTok shows two of the scumbags smacking one of the cops in the head, neck, and face. The policeman is seen in the video desperately trying to covering his head during the assault.


The police officer being pummeled luckily escaped with only minor injuries. His partner was also roughed up during the scuffle.

Cops were eventually able to place two of the suspects, 23-year-old Kaream McClary and 20-year-old Izayiah Jessamy in custody.

The third man involved in the assault is still at large. The NYPD released a photo of the third suspect and need the public’s help in locating and identifying him.

Credit: NYPD

McClary and Jessamy have been charged with assault on a police officer, resisting arrest, and trespassing over the horrific attack. But do not count on them staying in prison long given the Big Apple’s years-long coddling of violent criminals.

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