House Freedom Caucus Leaves Open Possibility of Filing Motion to Vacate the Chair if McCarthy Pushes Through Debt Deal (VIDEO)

House Freedom Caucus Chairman Scott Perry on Tuesday left open the possibility of filing a motion to vacate and get rid of McCarthy if the Speaker pushes through the debt deal.

Under new House rules, it only takes one member of Congress, from either party, to bring a ‘motion to vacate’ which forces a vote on removing the Speaker of the House.

It would only take a simple majority vote to remove McCarthy.

On Tuesday members of the House Freedom Caucus held a press conference to express their disapproval of the debt ceiling agreement between McCarthy and Joe Biden.

”This deal fails, fails completely…we will do everything in our power to stop it and end it now,” Perry said.

A reporter asked Scott Perry if he would file a ‘motion to vacate’?

Perry said he would let the members ‘speak for themselves’ – “I am focuses on defeating this bill. What happens post that and the agreements that we have, we will decide once we determine this disposition of this bill in its finality.”


So far 7 Republicans are a “no” vote on the Biden-McCarthy debt bill.

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