House Passes Legislation to Ban Chinese-Owned TikTok in America – Here Are the 25 Republicans Who Voted No

Credit: CSPAN

The House of Representatives easily passed legislation Saturday that will lead to an inevitable ban on Chinese-run TikTok in America with 25 GOPers voting no.

The ban was tied to the vote on a $95 billion foreign aid package dominated by $60+ billion for Ukraine. As The Gateway Pundit’s Jordan Conradson and Cassandra MacDonald both noted, Democrats erupted in loud cheers and waved UKRAINIAN flags after the globalist sellout was complete.

The legislation theoretically does give an out to TikTok if it divests from China and the social media company is given up to a year to find a non-Chinese company as its new owner.

But the Chinese government is opposed to a sale with no evidence that minds have changed. Thus, the 170 million TikTok users in the U.S. can kiss their favorite social media platform goodbye in the coming months, barring a miraculous turn of events.

Courtesy of Newsweek, here are the 25 GOPers who voted against the ban. As one can see, the list is primarily mostly conservative Republicans rather than RINOS.

Andy Biggs of Arizona

Dan Bishop of North Carolina

Lauren Boebert of Colorado

Josh Brecheen of Oklahoma

Michael Cloud of Texas

Andrew Clyde of Georgia

Eric Crane of Arizona

Warren Davidson of Ohio

Matt Gaetz of Florida

Bob Good of Virginia

Paul Gosar of Arizona

Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia

Harriet Hageman of Wyoming

Andy Harris of Maryland

Nancy Mace of South Carolina

Thomas Massie of Kentucky

Tom McClintock of California

Patrick McHenry of North Carolina

Barry Moore of Alabama

Troy Nehls of Texas

Ralph Norman of South Carolina

Matt Rosendale of Montana

Chip Roy of Texas

Keith Self of Texas

William Timmons of South Carolina

Joe Biden has pledged to sign the legislation into law should it pass Congress.

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