House Probing Whether Biden Raided Grandkids’ Bank Accounts In ‘Unusual’ Money Transfers

New evidence in the House GOP’s ongoing efforts to get to the bottom of the Biden family’s tangled web of payments and bank accounts have uncovered new evidence suggesting money transfers to President Joe Biden from his grandchildren, Just the News reports.

“In one of the interviews — that we haven’t I don’t believe disclose the transcript yet — the witness made reference to an account we didn’t know about. We’re researching that account,” House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer told Just the News, No Noise, adding that the information may eventually lead Congress to subpoena Biden’s personal bank and credit card records.

“They also said that that account could have possibly been paid with some infusion from the grandchildren.

According to Comer, the flow of money from a grandchild to a grandfather would be unusual, if true.

“Now, I don’t know about you. But I don’t know anyone in the world whose grandchildren have ever deposited money into a savings account for their elderly grandfather,” said Comer. “But now, maybe I’m wrong. But that’s something we’re certainly looking into.”

Comer wouldn’t go into who the witness was, however another Congressional insider told the outlet that it came from a longtime Hunter Biden business associate. The same source said they expected the transcript of the interview to be released later this week or early next week.

In recent weeks the Committe has made progress interviewing a laundry list of Biden associates:

Comer’s committee has completed several closed-door interviews with Hunter Biden associates including energy executive Tony Bobulinski, Hollywood lawyer Kevin Morris, and Rosemont Seneca partners Devon Archer and Eric Schwerin. Bobulinski’s and Schwerin’s transcripts have not yet been released.

Emails on Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop indicated Schwerin had access to some information about Joe Biden’s finances when he was vice president, including a tax refund from Delaware that was being routed from father to son.

Comer said his committee has begun to request access from banks and others to Joe Biden’s personal financial records and that lawmakers were prepared to obtain them by subpoena if necessary. -Just the News

According to former Biden associate Tony Bobulinksy, “Joe Biden was the brand” Hunter and pals were selling.

“We certainly have a lot of questions about he achieved how he (Joe Biden) accumulated so much wealth so quickly,” said Comer. “The public explanation behind that doesn’t add up with most people’s calculators. We’re certainly looking into some of these new accounts. We’ve requested some information, that you know is the first step in being able to successfully subpoena bank records. So stay tuned to that.”

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