Huge Blast Rocks Iraq Base Used By Iran-Linked Militias

Reuters is reporting a “massive” blast at an Iraqi base used by Iran-linked militias south of Baghdad in the overnight hours (local). 

“A huge blast rocked a military base used by Iraq’s Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF) to the south of Baghdad late on Friday,” army sources said to Reuters.

Few other details have been given, but images are widely circulating online showing what indeed appears to be a very large-scale strike.

A number of regional correspondents have been quick to identify it as an American military airstrike; however, given the events of the night prior (the ‘limited’ attack on Iran), others are speculating it was the Israelis behind it.

Both the Israelis and Americans have struck Iran-linked PMF bases before, mostly in Eastern Syria – but a strike on such a scale inside Iraq by Israel remains very rare or even unprecedented.

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