HUGE: “I Think There’s Coordinated Efforts to Make Sure That Certain People Get Elected” – Joe Rogan Says There Was “Real Fraud” in Kari Lake’s Election (VIDEO)

Joe Rogan spoke out on the stolen election in Arizona yesterday, saying that Kari Lake’s lawsuit is not invalid and that there was “real fraud” in her election. 

As The Gateway Pundit reported, new evidence that was dismissed before Kari Lake’s recent trial shows Maricopa County employees engaging in the secret and illegal reconfiguration and testing of voting machines after they were certified and before the election. This likely caused voting machines and ballot printers to fail at 59% of voting locations targeting Republicans on Election Day.

This illegal testing occurred with no documentation or logging of tamper-evident seals in violation of the Elections Procedures Manual and the law. It was also conducted after the statutorily required October 11th testing, and the legally required public notice was not given. In the video from October 14, the reprogrammed ballot tabulators can be seen jamming as employees test them, just as they did on Election Day.

According to the Elections Procedures Manual, “If the electronic voting system has not successfully passed the Secretary of State’s L&A test, the Secretary of State may schedule a re-test for a later date. Re-testing may continue during the early voting period and through the day prior to the election. However, the officer in charge of elections may not deploy any electronic voting equipment in a federal, statewide, or legislative election that has not successfully passed the Secretary of State’s L&A test.” Counties are also required to “publish notice of the time and place of each L&A test at least 48 hours in advance of the test,” in accordance with ARS 16-449(A) and the Elections Procedures Manual.

“The Secretary of State’s Office must conduct its L&A tests after the officer in charge of elections has conducted county-level tests whenever practicable,” the Manual also states.

Lake attorney Kurt Olsen told the Judge, prior to the claim being dismissed, the evidence of “clear misconduct and intent” shows that “this election was rigged.”

The Gateway Pundit also reported on Kari Lake’s recent signature verification trial, which revealed that approximately 274,000 ballot signatures were compared and verified in less than three seconds. Kari Lake’s attorney, Kurt Olsen, told the Court that  “eleven of the signature verification workers approved 170k signatures at a rate of less than 0 and 2.99 seconds with a 99.97% approval rating.” This data is proven by Maricopa County’s own log file data.

When we were allowed to inspect and reproduce images of the ballot affidavits and compare them to voter registration records, it became extremely clear that Maricopa County did not review or verify signatures in any fashion.

See some examples of the fraudulent 2022 mail-in ballot signatures here:

TGP EXCLUSIVE: Limited Maricopa County 2022 Ballot Signature Review Shows Obviously Mismatched Signatures Accepted at Level One – VIEW RECORDS HERE

Joe Rogan spoke about these “coordinated efforts” against Kari Lake yesterday on his hit podcast.

Rogan: I don’t think it’s zero. It’s not zero. I think we could all agree it’s not zero. And we know that these voting machines can be f*cked with, and we know that there are some irregularities. All that Kari Lake stuff in Arizona that they’re trying to dismiss, it doesn’t look like that’s invalid. It looks like there’s real fraud there. It looks like there’s some real shenanigans there. At the very least, there was voting machines that weren’t working properly, and it seems very suspicious that a lot of them were in Republican areas. There’s a lot of shenanigans, and I think there’s coordinated efforts to make sure that certain people get elected. I don’t know how far they go, but I know it’s not zero.

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