Hungary’s Orbán Becomes the Nemesis of Ukraine’s EU Dreams: Opposes Beginning of Ascension Talks, and Is Poised to Block €50B Military Aid

Conservative champion Viktor Orbán, Prime Minister of Hungary, is the man the Globalists love to hate.

Orbán is not only unabashedly pro-Trump, he is also always combating their nefarious policies, from mass migration to transgenderism, passing by climate alarmism.

And, of course, the Hungarian PM is against the military aid to Ukraine, has long warned of the inevitable Russian victory in the battlefield, and – Oh, the Horror! – has dared meet with Putin in pursuit of his own national interests.

Now, Orbán is again under the spotlight for his double resistance in the European Union regarding Ukraine: he does not want to send €50 billion ($53.4 billion) to the war-torn country, and – worse – has also made it clear that Budapest will not approve the start of EU membership talks with Kiev.

Orbán told Hungarian state radio, on Friday, that this was Hungary’s “clear stance” on the issue.

EU leaders will decide in mid-December on whether to accept Commissioner Ursula von der Leyen’s recommendation to invite Kyiv to begin membership talks – as soon as it meets final conditions.

Any such decision would require unanimity of all 27 members, and Hungary is widely seen as the main potential obstacle.

Reuters reported:

“Nationalist Orbán, in power since 2010, said a dispute between Brussels over billions of Euros of EU funds suspended for Hungary over a rule-of-law issue cannot be linked in any way to Hungary’s support for Ukraine’s EU accession talks.

‘Membership talks must not be started, this is the clear Hungarian stance’, Orbán said, adding that Brussels ‘owed Hungary money’.

‘I would like to make it very clear that the Hungarian rejection of the start of talks with Ukraine over EU membership is not subject to a business deal …It cannot be linked to the issue of funds that Hungary is entitled to get’.”

Like most countries in the EU area, Hungary is dealing with economic troubles, and has Europe’s highest inflation rates.

“Orbán has had many bitter run-ins with the EU and its executive arm, the European Commission, over Budapest tightening state controls over non-governmental organizations, academics, media and courts, as well as a law that is seen hurting LGBT rights.”

Meanwhile, European Union countries have been considering a ‘backup plan’ to push aid for Ukraine when Hungary vetoes the current €50 billion ($53.4 billion) package.

Speaking to European Parliament lawmakers on Tuesday, EU Budget Commissioner Johannes Hahn said the bloc cannot be ‘blackmailed’ by any holdout members.

Bloomberg reported:

“’Of course you can make things more complicated, more cumbersome if you need unanimity, but we have seen in the past, being crystal clear, that you cannot stop us on doing things’, he said. ‘Of course it might be more complicated, thinking about Ukraine. Of course we can find a solution which is only including 26 member states’.

Budapest has called for a comprehensive discussion about the effectiveness and sustainability of the EU’s existing Ukraine strategy, which it argues is not bringing results, the people said.

Hungary told member states this week it wants an assessment of the amount of financial aid and risk factors such as corruption, the people added.”

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