Hunter Biden Convicted On Felony Gun Charges

Update: Hunter Biden, the smartest man his father knows, has been convicted on all three felony gun charges (and not anything to do with ‘10 held for the big guy‘ of course) – so obviously the least of his alleged crimes and one which doesn’t implicate anyone important.

According to AP, Hunter stared straight ahead and showed little emotion as the verdict was read. The judge has since excused the jurors.

A sentencing date has not yet been set, but prepare to be bombarded with “I wasn’t aware Hunter was running for president” from the left.

Hunter’s legal team had been pursuing a jury nullification strategy, which obviously didn’t work.

The scene outside the courthouse:

That said…

*  *  *

The jury in Hunter Biden’s federal gun trial have reached a verdict after two days of deliberations.

The 12-member jury will decide whether the 1st son is guilty of three charges related to a 2018 purchase of a gun, which prosecutors say violated federal law because he was addicted to crack cocaine at the time. Hunter has pleaded not guilty.

If convicted on all three counts, he could face up to 25 years in prison and a fine of up to $750,000.

The case marks the first time in US history that the child of a sitting president has gone on trial. The indictment was brought by special counsel David Weiss, who was appointed last year to oversee various Hunter Biden probes.

The first two charges in the three-count indictment are related to the gun purchase itself – specifically, Hunter has been charged with lying on forms required by the ATF. The questions include: “Have you been convicted of a felony? Are you a fugitive? Are you in the country unlawfully? And, importantly for this case, are you an “unlawful user of, or addicted to” illegal drugs?” Hunter checked “No” to the last question.

The third count relates to the possession of a gun – as it’s also against federal law to do so if you are abusing drugs. Hunter had the gun for 11 days in October 2018 before his sister-in-law-turned-lover Hallie Biden tossed it in a dumpster because she was worried about his mental health according to the indictment and texts made public in court filings.

According to CNN (so who knows), here’s a breakdown of the jury:

  • Juror #1 is a woman who said she has a sister who is a recovering drug addict who served time in Delaware state prison for convictions on drug offenses and credit card fraud. She said her sister is “currently clean.” She also said typically watches the CBS Evening News.
  • Juror #2 is a woman who is now retired after working for 24 years for the United States Secret Service for 24 years in Washington, DC, handling contract negotiations. Her husband also worked for the Secret Service’s uniformed division and served in the White House, US Capitol and “foreign missions.” She said he currently owns a personal handgun. 
  • Juror #3 (formerly alternate juror 1) is a woman. She said she heard about the case but was not following it. Her brother, she said, was a police officer in Delaware and is now serving in the Delaware state legislature. 
  • Juror #4 is a woman who, when asked about her views on drugs and gun ownership, said people who smoke marijuana should be allowed to own firearms, saying that “weed, to me, isn’t as bad as the drugs like heroin, for example.” She said her father and brother own guns. 
  • Juror #5 is a man who said the Civil Rights movement showed how US law enforcement has had failures when it comes to treating African Americans fairly under the law. He said he got a DUI two years ago and had to go to Alcoholics Anonymous. 
  • Juror #6 is an older black man who said he has a license to conceal carry a firearm. He owns three pistols and said, “I believe the Second Amendment is very important, and I stand with it, and I think every law-abiding citizen that follows the law should be able to have their Second Amendment.“
  • Juror #7 was asked very little by the judge and attorneys in the case but said his dad owned guns. 
  • Juror #8, said his father had been killed during a crime and that his brother was previously arrested on possession of drug charges. 
  • Juror #9, a woman, told the judge that she owns a firearm, adding that she had learned about the existence of the case on TV. 
  • Juror #10 learned about the case from his brother during a graduation last weekend. When he told his brother he had received a jury summons, his brother responded “You know who’s on trial? Hunter Biden,” according to the juror. Another brother, as well as his father who are now both deceased, struggled with alcohol addiction. He said, “I know they both had diseases.” 
  • Juror #11 said her best friend from childhood died from a heroin overdose. She also said, “my family hunts, they have hunting rifles and things like that,” but that she does not personally own a gun. 
  • Juror #12, who wasn’t asked many questions, said he has an older brother who is addicted to PCP and heroin and was “admitted to rehab many times.” 



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