“I, Prime Minister” – Danish Leader Delivers Speech Partly Written by AI

Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen has delivered a speech in parliament partly written by artificial intelligence tool ChatGPT in order to emphasize the groundbreaking aspects and risks presented by AI.

Amid her traditional speech in anticipation of the summer break, the head of the Danish government made a sensational acknowledgement.

“What I have just read here is not from me. Or any other human for that matter,” Frederiksen suddenly said, explaining that ChatGPT acted as a co-author.

“Even if it didn’t always hit the nail on the head, both in terms of the details of the government’s work program and punctuation… it is both fascinating and terrifying what it is capable of,” Frederiksen noted.

To a layman, however, the part of Frederiksen’s speech drafted by ChatGPT was virtually indistinguishable from that written by her speechwriters, as it included a comparable amount of political platitudes, such as, “It has been an honor and a challenge to lead a broad government in the last parliamentary year” (a nod to the peculiar coalition between Frederiksen’s Social Democrats and their historic archenemies the Liberals).

It was also rife with common tropes such as “sustainable future,” “combating climate change” and “ensuring a fairer and more inclusive society.”

ChatGPT stepped into the limelight late last year, brandishing mind-wobbling abilities to generate surprisingly convincing if not entirely correct opinion pieces, scientific papers, poems and conversations.

The AI’s far-reaching successes sparked billions of dollars of investment into the field, but were met with reservations from critics and skeptics. The most common concerns are that AI could lead to rampant unemployment as it would rob millions of people of their daily bread and that the internet would be flooded with plausible-sounding but outrageously false information churned out by algorithms. On the “woke” edge of the debate, the main criticisms of AI include its “intrinsic” racist, chauvinist and misogynist bias inherited from the its learning material based on texts purportedly reflecting “colonial” white male perspective.

However, while concerned insiders including Elon Musk himself warned of “civilization destruction” and “extinction” as a consequence of AI development, they remain deeply involved in the growth of AI through numerous companies with huge investment portfolios.

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