“I Think This Represents the Ripping Off of the Bandaid – To Get Back on Track” – Rep. Matt Gaetz Delivers Remarks Following Kevin McCarthy’s Removal as House Speaker (VIDEO)

On Tuesday the US House of Representatives removed Kevin McCarthy as US House Speaker after only 8 months.

Rep. Matt Gaetz spoke with with reporters following the vote in the House of Representatives.

Matt Gaetz: It’s a benefit to this country that we have a better Speaker of the House than Kevin McCarthy. Kevin McCarthy couldn’t keep his word. He made an agreement in January regarding the way Washington would work, and he violated that agreement. We are $33 trillion in debt. We are facing $2.2 trillion annual deficits. We face a de dollarization globally that will crush Americans, working class Americans. Kevin McCarthy is a feature of the swamp. He has risen to power by collecting special interest money and redistributing that money in exchange for favors. We are breaking the fever now, and we should elect a speaker who’s better…

The stages of grief, I think, are in progress right now with some of my colleagues. I think there was a stage of denial, and I’ve certainly experienced a good amount of their anger. And now we appear to be headed toward bargaining. I think the world of Steve Scalise, I think he’d make a phenomenal Speaker…

I don’t think we will. I think Kevin McCarthy should take a hint after 15 ballots to become speaker, after eight months of a failed Speakership, and after removal in this historic manner, I think we should move on and find somebody else. What’s paralyzed the House of Representatives has been the failure of Speaker McCarthy. What paralyzed the House of Representatives was not taking up appropriations bills. We left for a six week vacation while the appropriations process hung in the balance. And because I forced these people to take a few votes, you think I’m paralyzing the House of Representatives? I think the House of Representatives has been paralyzed for the last several decades as we’ve refused to pass a budget and as we’ve governed by continuing resolution and omnibus bill. So I think that this represents the ripping off of the Band Aid. And that’s what we need to do to get back on track.

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