IDF Eliminates 150 Terrorists as Hamas Fires on Soldiers Helping Civilians Escape to Safety

Israeli Defense Force: World’s best army

The Israeli Army has begun eliminating Hamas terrorists in the Al-Shati (Beach Camp) area of Gaza and evacuating civilians, even under fire from the terrorists. Al Jazeera accidentally aired footage showing Hamas terrorists operating inside a hospital.

Since Friday, the IDF began operating in the Al-Shati Camp in the northern Gaza Strip, Arutz Sheva reports, killing numerous terrorists and smoking out terrorist infrastructure. What Hamas calls “Refugee Camps” are actually entire neighborhoods with concrete buildings. The terrorists seek to maintain the fairly tale that these people are “refugees” even though there are hardly any refugees from the 1948 War of Independence left.

The 401st Brigade of the IDF has eliminated approximately 150 terrorists and gained control over Hamas terrorist strongholds in northern Gaza, the IDF announced.

During one of the battles with the terrorists, IDF troops identified civilians who were located in a building in the area, Arutz Sheva writes. “The IDF secured an evacuation route for the civilians, and as the civilians were evacuating, terrorists fired at the troops from the outskirts of the area. In order to protect the evacuation route, IDF troops responded with light weapons fire and tanks to kill the terrorists.”

In another engagement, IDF troops identified a terrorist cell barricaded inside a house in the area that posed a threat to the forces. IDF troops directed an aircraft and fired at the terrorists, killing the terrorists. After an anti-tank missile was launched from a weapons storage facility inside a building, a fighter jet eliminated the threat.

On Friday, IDF troops operating in the northern Gaza Strip identified four terrorists and directed a UAV to the area and killed three of the terrorists. The UAV continued in pursuit of the additional terrorist, who attempted to flee through crowded alleyways and struck him a short while thereafter.

On Friday, Hamas-allied Qatari Al Jazeera TV accidentally aired footage of Hamas terrorists inside the Indonesian Hospital in Gaza, providing further proof Hamas uses civilians as human shields and operates out of hospitals.

Hamas headquarters is located in the largest hospital in the Gaza Strip, Shifa Hospital,  in the heart of Gaza City.

On Thursday, an IDF source said that soldiers located a Hamas weapons production and storage facility inside a residential building, right next to a children’s bedroom.

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