“If You Want to Get at President Trump You’re Going to Have to Go Through Me – and 75 Million Americans” – Kari Lake Ignites the Crowd at GA GOP Convention (VIDEO)

MAGA favorite Kari Lake spoke at the Georgia GOP Convention on Friday night.

Kari was ON FIRE!

Lake through down the gauntlet. She defiantly told the crowd, “The guys back there in the fake news media, you should listen up, this one’s for you. If you want to get at President Trump you’re going to have to go through me and you’re going to have to go through 75 Million Americans just like me. And I’m going to tell you, most of us are card-carrying members of the NRA. That’s not a threat, that’s a public service announcement.”

NO ONE captures the enthusiasm of the American, next to President Trump, than Kari Lake!

Are you all seeing this?

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