Ignored by the Fake News: Kash Patel Just Destroyed the Left’s Lawfare Suit Against Trump in Colorado – Drops Truth Bombs on Liberal Prosecutors, Dashes Hopes of Radical Left to Ban Trump from 2024 Race (VIDEO)

Former Chief of Staff to the Acting Director of Defense and author, Kash Patel, joined Steve Bannon on the War Room on Thursday to discuss his testimony before the Colorado court in the left’s latest attempt to remove President Trump from the ballot in Colorado.

During his testimony Kash Patel laid out how President Trump called for the National Guard on January 6 but was shot down by Pelosi, the heads of the Capitol Police Bureau, and the Mayor of Washington DC at the time.

It’s hard to be accused of an “insurrection” when you’re the one who called in the National Guard to protect the US Capitol and you did it days before the protests began!

The mainstream media has totally ignored Kash Patel’s testimony in Colorado because he completely destroyed the left’s narrative. The fact it there was no planned insurrection and President Trump is the one who ordered National Guard to the US Capitol but was shot down for some bizarre reason by local DC leaders. The J-6 committee hid Patel’s testimony for months with the help of the lapdogs in the mainstream media.

What did Pelosi know and when did she know it?

Here is Kash on the War Room:

Steve Bannon: Kash, I told certain people in authority in Trump world that Kash in your 1st 20 minutes – is so good that I guarantee you, not one mainstream media, I’ll be all over Don Jr. Who just had his first day, first couple hours, that’ll be the headline, that’ll be MSNBC. They’ll be starting that, yhey’ll be starting that. But Kash’s, which because Don Jr yesterday was just preliminary, he really didn’t say anything. They’re going to get into it today. But that’ll be the big news because they want to take Trump’s business, probably collapse it.

But Kash in Denver lays out in a lawyerly fashion exactly why Jack Smith hasn’t indicted President Trump for insurrection.

You called their bluff. And what’s shocking to me because I didn’t even really understand this, is that you gave this testimony, Liz Cheney and Kinzinger and you guys, he gave this testimony essentially to J-6, and they buried it. Kash Patel, walk me through just not the details of the testimony, but just the testimony as a thing.

Kash Patel: Yeah, look, you’re right. The trial is a total fraud. It’s lawfare. And the funny thing about the truth is it never changes. So when the January 6 Committee asked me to testify two plus years ago, or whatever that was, I gave them the same exact information under oath as I did yesterday in the trial in Colorado. And it was just a simple layout of DoD’s position on the National Guard, President Trump’s authorization, and what the law permits us to do.

And now this lawfare has actually flipped itself on its head. And these lawyers, by the way, the lawyers that bring this case against President Trump are from King & Spalding. Do you know who’s a named partner at King and Spalding? Sally Yates, Rod Rosenstein, and Gina Haspel. Do you know who was a named partner at King and Spalding? Christopher Wray, earning $15 million a year. Not a coincidence. Deep State government gangsters are bringing this for sure, like you said, with the help of the RINOs. And what they want to do now is say, oh, President Trump didn’t order the National Guard on January 6 under the Insurrection Act, so now they want a Commander in Chief to deploy military armed assets unilaterally.

Also, these grundoons from yesterday wanted the President to deploy and order the deployment of FBI agents. That’s the position they want the President of the United States to take, even though it doesn’t jive with the legal advice given to us by many brilliant lawyers at the DoD and the White House. And they are so hypocritical, they will take that opposite position because like you said, Steve, the mainstream media will now run with it and say, oh, I didn’t know President Trump could be disqualified. He can’t. It’s totally bogus. But you’re right, none of them are covering the testimony because they hate it when the truth punches them in the face.

Steve Bannon: Do you agree that and Jack Smith, I guess, had access to your J-6 testimony – Is your testimony basically one of the key reasons that Jack Smith can’t and won’t indict President Trump for insurrection?

Kash Patel: I believe so. It’s the truth. If anyone could have charged President Trump with insurrection, this special counsel, Jack Smith, would have done it. And the fact that they can’t is because he never came close to doing insurrection. And now these guys in Colorado want to take it a step further and say it was an insurrection and President Trump should have ordered the National Guard, even though that’s never been done.

** Here is the full interview.

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