“I’ll Get Divorced if That Happens” – 2023 Stanley Cup Champs Awkwardly Laugh After Biden Goes Off-Script During White House Celebration (VIDEO)

Joe Biden on Monday welcomed the Vegas Golden Knights to the White House to celebrate their 2023 Stanley Cup victory.

The Golden Knights defeated the Florida Panthers last week.


Biden hosted the Stanly Cup champions in the East Room on Monday with Kamala Harris in attendance.

“You’re proving Vegas sports is one of the best shows in town, but you’re also proving something else about sports,” Biden said. “Like all great franchises, you give back. You give back to the community.”

Biden lost a battle with his teleprompter: “John, the first true undrafted player in history! Off of the draft. To win the final, win that final MVP trophy!”

Things got awkward after Biden went off-script.

“Don’t get the Philadelphia Eagles to leave and go because I’ll get divorced if that happens. I married a Philly girl and it’s a long story,” Biden said to laughter.

Joe Biden has made similar statements over the years.

During a previous CNN town hall, Joe Biden was asked how Jill responded when she found out free community college was dropped from his $3.5 trillion spending plan.

Weirdo Biden said Jill made him sleep in the dog house.

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