Illegal Aliens Dressed in Camouflage Scale Border Wall with Ropes as Smuggler Guides Them (VIDEO)

Joe Biden’s America.

Illegal aliens dressed in camouflage scaled the border wall in Naco, Arizona while smugglers guided them. This is just one of many tactics that illegals are using to cross into the United States.

It is well planned out because this area of Arizona does not have that many Border Patrol agents. Once they scale the wall, the illegals will run into the desert. They can figure out where the smuggling pick-up areas are from their cell phones which will ping the location. A lot of them successfully get away, but the video does show one woman who was caught by the Border Patrol.

“Agents tell us this happens pretty much every single morning and they do not have the manpower to apprehend most of them,” Fox News reporter Bill Melugin said.


These dangerous attempts to get into the U.S have resulted in deaths too. On Friday afternoon, a woman died trying to climb the border wall in Otay Mesa, CA. She successfully scaled the first 17 foot wall, then fell to her death after scaling the second 30 foot wall.

On Friday afternoon, a woman scaling the U.S.-Mexico Border wall fell to her death in Otay Mesa, California. This is just another tragedy in the lives that are affected thanks to the Biden Regime’s continual defiance of our nation’s sovereignty. The lawless behavior of this administration is encouraging people, often with deadly results like this, to attempt a border crossing.

If the border was being enforced properly, the incentive to climb a 17 foot wall and then another wall at 30 feet would be severely diminished. However, we have a situation where these illegal aliens know if they can just get into the U.S., that they will most likely be released with no consequences.

Millions of illegals have poured into the U.S. since the Biden Regime started its lawless rampage in January of 2021. It’s not just scaling walls with ropes. They have crossed rivers through Texas and just simply walked across in unguarded areas.

The surge of illegals is straining the budgets of cities. The Border Patrol Union had sent a message telling the sancutary cities to stop complaining because this is what they asked for.

Fox News Reports:

Chicago’s announcement this week that the Windy City is facing a $538 million budget deficit, with a significant part of that attributable to its ongoing migrant crisis, marks the latest instance of a “sanctuary” city paying a heavy financial cost for migrant arrivals.

Chicago announced this week the $538 million deficit, driven by several factors including “the cost to care for new migrants arriving to the city.”

NBC Chicago reported that at least $200 million stems from costs from special project costs — including migrant care. The outlet reported that recent estimates suggest the crisis is projected to cost more than $255 million by the end of the year.

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