“I’m Gonna Have You Thrown Off This Train!” – Democrat Senator Chris Coons Spars with Left-Wing Blogger Over Israel (VIDEO)

Democrat Senator Chris Coons threatened to toss a confrontational left-wing blogger off the train on Monday.

“US weapons are killing kids in Gaza,” Aaron Maté, a blogger for the Grayzone said to Chris Coons.

“Who are you?” Coons asked.

“My name is Aaron Maté, I’m a journalist,” he said.

“Nice to meet you, Aaron. Please stop talking to me,” Coons said.

After about a minute, the senator reported the blogger to an Amtrak worker.

“I’m not gonna call for a ceasefire. I strongly support humanitarian pauses and I’ve urged the Israeli government to target their campaign against Hamas. But you need to stop,” Coons insisted.

“Please stop, or I’m gonna have you thrown off this train,” Coons said. “This is not professional journalism, please get up and leave now.”


Aaron Maté said he was eventually removed from the train.

“After questioning Sen. Coons about his support for Israeli massacres in Gaza, I was asked to move to a different seat. I complied. About 30 mins later, he walked by me. We did not exchange words. At the next stop, in Philadelphia, I was removed from the train. I assume this was done at Sen. Coons’ behest,” he said.


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