In Case You Missed It… New York Magazine’s Guessing Game – E. Jean Carroll’s Jacket Dress Comes into Question – Trump Accuser Stumbles During Testimony

On Saturday, The Gateway Pundit posted an exclusive report on E. Jean Carroll and her fabled black jacket dress.

We are republishing this morning for those who missed this report over the weekend.

E. Jean Carroll on the cover of New York Magazine in 2019 in what she claimed was her Trump attack dress. But not a word of it was true!

E. Jean Carroll posed for the cover of New York Magazine in June 2019. She was wearing what she claimed was the Donna Karan jacket dress she had worn when Donald Trump allegedly attacked her in a Bergdorf Goodman dressing room in 1994.

She was later forced to change her story after New York Magazine pointed out that the dress she said she was wearing had not been sold in 1994.  Carroll later claimed the alleged attack occurred in 1995 or 1996.  But she is still not clear on the date it took place. Carroll said she met Trump on the street and they decided to go buy lingerie at the high-end New York City department store before the attack. The entire story lacks credibility.

New York Magazine said on its cover, “The jacket dress she was wearing that day has hung in her closet ever since; she wore it again for the first time for her portrait with New York.”

E. Jean Carroll wrote her bizarre story in New York Magazine in June 2019.  Carroll said she kept the dress in her closet after the alleged assault.  She says she never wore it again and that, “I have never had sex with anybody ever again.”

She even held a photo shoot with New York Magazine in the dress.

But there was one big problem with this woman’s story.   The Donna Karan jacket dress was not even made or sold in 1994. The story is a complete hoax.

Trump Attorney Boris Epshteyn spoke outside the courtroom in New York City where the E. Jean Carroll case is taking place in front of Clinton-appointed Judge Lewis Kaplan’s kangaroo court.  Boris told reporters outside the courthouse that the dress E. Jean Carroll said she was wearing in 1995 or 1996 when Donald Trump allegedly assaulted her was not made in 1994 as she originally stated.  It is not clear when this dress was first available.

Attorney Boris Epshteyn:She said, this is the dress I wore in 1994. They went back, they checked. The dress wasn’t even made in 1994. And that’s why the date’s moved around. This is the 80s. Is it the 90s? Is it the 2000s? President Trump has consistently stated that he was falsely accused and he has the right to defend himself.”

This is not the first time Carroll lied about the case.  It is also clear that Carroll lied about who was funding her lawsuit. E. Jean Carroll originally said no one was funding her lawsuit against Trump. Later, her attorney admitted that billionaire Never-Trumper Reid Hoffman was funding Carroll’s lawsuit.

The alleged rape took place a long time ago, decades ago; Carroll cannot even remember the year it took place.

Here is the video via The War Room and Midnight Rider.

Now, The Gateway Pundit can confirm that E. Jean Carroll testified under oath that the jacket-dress was not even sold at the time of the alleged attack.

Matthew Russell Lee at Inner City Press reported from the courtroom in New York City this week.

The Gateway Pundit can now report that we have seen court documents that question the veracity of E. Jean Carroll’s statements.

According to court documents viewed by The Gateway Pundit, Miss Carroll admitted during questioning that she may have bought it in 1995 because Donna Karan did not make the dress in 1994 as she believed. She only came to this realization after New York Magazine corrected her!

Before the magazine published the article, they helped E. Jean Carroll figure out that the dress was not made in 1994 as she originally stated.

Based on what she said as she was sitting for the deposition, E. Jean Carroll has no recollection of when the alleged assault occurred.  All she can say today is that it happened sometime after 1995.

It is so vague and nonspecific that her story ultimately lacks credibility.  Her lack of knowledge of this critical piece of information about her Donna Karan dress makes this case utterly ridiculous.

Ultimately, this case is not about E. Jean Carroll versus Donald Trump – It’s about E. Jean Carroll versus E. Jean Carroll. She does not have any facts nailed down in this case, and she never did.

President Trump responded to this new revelation, “E. Jean Carroll was forced to change her story on the “Monica Lewinsky-type” dress. She originally claimed that the “event” happened in 1994, and that she wore the Donna Karan dress on that day. The problem is that New York Times Fact Checkers found the dress wasn’t even made by Donna Karan until long after 1994. The truth is that she doesn’t know the day, month, season, year, or decade – because it did not happen. End this Witch Hunt now!”

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