“In My Opinion, He Fundamentally Hates Humanity – He’s Doing Things to Erode the Fabric of Civilization” – Elon Musk Blasts George Soros During Joe Rogan Interview (VIDEO)

In a recent episode of “The Joe Rogan Experience,” Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla and owner of social media platform X/Twitter, took a hard swing at far-left billionaire financier George Soros, accusing him of “fundamentally hating humanity” and strategically “eroding the fabric of society” by funding district attorneys who refuse to prosecute crimes.

The interview, aired on Tuesday, featured the outspoken entrepreneur in a wide-ranging conversation that covered topics from space exploration to the future of artificial intelligence. However, it was his comments about George Soros that immediately ignited conversations on social media platforms.

Musk, who has recently expanded his business portfolio with the acquisition of Twitter, began the conversation by addressing Soros’s political influence, stating, “I mean Soros… I believe [he is] the top contributor to the Democratic Party. The second one was Sam Bankman-Fried.”

These comments set the stage for Musk’s following bombshell accusations, which painted far-left Soros as a shadowy figure working to destabilize not just American society, but humanity at large.

“He had a very difficult upbringing. And in my opinion, he fundamentally hates humanity. That’s my opinion,” Musk told Rogan.

Musk further elaborated on his claims, pointing out Soros’s role in the election of district attorneys who “refuse to prosecute crime,” a strategy he saw as deleterious to law and order in cities like San Francisco and Los.

“He’s doing things that erode the fabric of civilization. You know, getting the DAs elected who refuse to prosecute crime. That’s probably the problem in San Francisco and LA and a bunch of other cities,” Musk added.

When Rogan asked whether this antagonism was aimed at “humanity or is it just the United States as a whole,” Musk responded, “He’s pushing things in other countries, too.”

“Now, George at this point is pretty old … he’s basically a bit senile at this point,” he added.

Elon Musk didn’t stop at painting Soros as a destabilizing figure; he also dissected Soros’s approach to political spending as a form of “arbitrage.”

In financial markets, arbitrage is the practice of taking advantage of a price difference between two or more markets, buying a product cheap in one place and selling it at a profit in another. It’s a principle Soros mastered in the financial world and, according to Musk, has applied to the realm of politics.

Musk pointed out, “He’s good at spotting, basically, arbitrage like spotting value for money that other people don’t see. So, one of the things he noticed was that the value for money in local races is much higher than it is in national races. The lowest value for money is a presidential race. Then next lowest value for money is a Senate race than a Congress.”

He continued, “But once you get to sort of city and state district attorneys, they value money extremely good and Soros realized that you don’t actually need to change the laws. You just need to change how they’re enforced. If nobody chooses to enforce the law or the laws are differentially enforced, it’s like changing the laws.”


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