Indiana Couple Arrested After Six-Month-Old Baby Dies from Fentanyl Overdose

An Indiana couple has been arrested and charged with felony child neglect after their six-month-old baby overdosed on fentanyl and methamphetamine.

The infant also had bad diaper rash, pulmonary edema, and a Staph infection.

Nichole Neely, 42, and Owen Miller, 43, each face one count of neglect resulting in the death of a dependent and two counts of neglect where they placed the dependent in a dangerous situation, according to a report from WNDU.

The baby was found unconscious and not breathing after a concerned neighbor called the police on January 18.

The infant was transported to the hospital but was pronounced deceased.

WNDU reports:

In an interview with authorities, Neely told investigators that the child had been lying down in her bedroom with Miller when she went to the kitchen for 10 minutes. When she returned, she claimed the child was limp and not breathing and that they tried to take the child to a neighbor who happened to work in the medical field.

Another neighbor later visited the child’s home, where they found the 6-month-old unresponsive and blue and proceeded to attempt CPR.

Police say that when they arrived at the home, they found trash on the floor, countertops, and table in the kitchen. They also found open containers of moldy foods covered in flies in the kitchen, accompanied by a strong odor of trash and rotting food throughout the home.

Court documents highlight the state of decay the house was in as it was so full of trash that police could only open the door to the bedroom halfway. Police discovered a baby bottle on the bed containing brown liquid with a small fly floating inside.

Miller was overdosing when police arrived and was treated with Narcan.

Two other children, six and eight years old, were also taken to the hospital and treated for fentanyl poisoning.

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