Iranian Regime Launches Recruitment Campaign for Suicide Bomber Volunteers Willing to Hit Targets in Israel

Deadly class of Iranian suicide bombers in 2005
Deadly class of Iranian suicide bombers in 2005.

More than 200 young men and women presented themselves in 2005 as volunteers to carry out suicide bomb attacks against Americans and Israelis.

The meeting was organized at Behesht-e-Zahra cemetery, south of Tehran, by the Headquarters for Commemorating Martyrs of the Global Islamic Movement, a shadowy group that has sought volunteers for attacks in Iraq and Israel since 2004.

It was the third such ceremony that the group held, but there has been no independent confirmation that any of its volunteers have carried out a suicide bombing.

Now it’s happening again.

The Islamic Republic of Iran is looking for volunteers to carry out suicide missions in Israel.

The Daily Mail reported:

A hard-line Iranian group has been actively recruiting potential suicide bombers for operations in Israel, images seen by MailOnline reveal.

The group responsible for this recruitment drive, Hezbollah, different from the Lebanese militant group with the same name, has initiated a campaign in the southeastern Iranian city of Mashhad, a significant place in Shia Islam.

Posters featuring calls for ‘martyrdom’ have appeared on the streets of Mashhad, imploring residents to submit their personal details for consideration.

These posters declare, ‘It’s time for Jihad,’ and seek individuals to join a ‘special battalion of martyr seekers for Palestine.’

Here is a poster recruiting suicide bombers in Iran. (Daily Mail)

Religion of peace?

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