Iran’s Khamenei Promises Revenge Against Israel Over Strike On Embassy

For those wondering whether or not the war in Gaza would expand into multiple fronts, it looks like that question has now been answered.  And, unless Iran’s “Supreme Leader” Ayatollah Ali Khamenei is engaging in a dramatic bluff, it appears that the nation is about to enter the conflict.

Khamenei declared on Tuesday that “Israel will be punished” for the attack the previous day that killed members of the Revolutionary Guard, including two generals, at the Iranian embassy compound in Damascus.

“The evil Zionist regime will be punished at the hands of our brave men. We will make them regret this crime and the other ones,” Khamenei said in a message published on his official website. 

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi declared that the “cowardly crime will not go unanswered.”

It’s important to note that Israel and Iran have already been engaged in a proxy war, with Iranian supported Hezbollah soldiers exchanging fire with Israeli troops on the border of Lebanon since the beginning of the fighting in Gaza.  Theories abound on the purpose of the embassy attack, including the claim that Israel intends to bring the US into the war by triggering open Iranian involvement. 

Under the Biden Administration US entry into the conflict is almost assured if a front is opened with Iran.  The saber rattling has been mounting since at least January when militants allegedly armed with Iranian weapons attacked an outpost along the Syrian/Jordanian border killing three US soldiers. 

The obvious question is why are US troops still in Syria?  There are two equally compelling answers – First, they are there to oversee and protect the revamping of Syrian oil fields to secure American energy interests.  Second, they are there exactly because both Iran and Russia have operations in the region and the powers-that-be want the option to use those soldiers as fodder to start a wider war.

American oil concerns are generally non-negotiable when it comes to foreign entanglements and any major threat to exports out of the Middle East is going to inspire a US military response (Iran’s first action may be to close the Strait of Hormuz to western oil tankers).  Joe Biden has essentially guaranteed this outcome after he drained US strategic oil reserves in a bid to keep inflation down and has consistently interfered with oil resource expansion stateside.  One would think if a US president is going to sanction Russia and remove a large portion of the global oil supply from the market that he would try to open the path for more production domestically.  But not Biden…he’s worried about “global warming.”

The idea that an all encompassing war in the Middle East is part of the plan is not far fetched.  There are interests among the far-left and the Neo-Conservatives that have desired this for decades.  If Iran engages with Israel directly, the warhawks are going to get what they want.  As far as the western populace is concerned, get ready for higher gas prices this summer (now they can blame war instead of taking responsibility for inflation), an increasing potential for terror attacks along with more marches and riots by leftist activists wanting to attach their bizarre movement to the causes of the Islamic world.  

All of it just in time for the 2024 elections.


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